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trace 02-16-2012 2:36 PM

Long Tube Headers on a GM LS1
I bashed one of the catalytic converters on my 09 Silverado 2500 / 6.0L offroading a couple weeks ago, and must have broken up the guts because it started throwing a P0420 code yesterday. It will cost about $350 to just have a muffler shop weld in a new cat, but I'm wondering if it's worth going to aftermarket long tube headers and Y-pipe (keeping the cats). I'm looking at Kooks and Dynatech systems ($1500ish complete), but probably would keep the stock catback because I like quiet exhaust.

I could use some torque for towing, but otherwise I am happy with the performance. I'm not an aggressive driver for the most part, and I would really like to pick up a mpg or two if possible. Does anyone have any real world experience with actual gains from just adding a good set of headers? Dynatech claims up to 46 hp / 38 ft-lbs, which strikes me as absurd. No claims on mileage gains that I can find...

I know a cold air intake would help too, but I'm not really a fan of CAI's mostly because oiled filters will gum up the MAF sensor.

trace 02-16-2012 2:46 PM

For the record, I know they will never pay for themselves in mileage gains. I'll make use of the extra torque, plus I also just love the way a good set of headers look under the hood.

jonblarc7 02-16-2012 2:53 PM

There's alot of info on that at this Forum


trace 02-16-2012 2:59 PM

Thanks. I think I'm actually a member there, but I hate sifting thru all the bad / biased info on the big car enthusiast sites. Would still like to hear some no-BS WW input. :)

jonblarc7 02-16-2012 8:21 PM

I here what you mean there is alot of BS over there.

I'm no expert but I would think keeping the stock cats would be a wash with adding the headers. Because the stock cats would still be restricting. I would think something like a custom tune by black bear performance or western tuner I think it is would be better and alittle cheaper. But I'm deffently not suggesting a hand held tuner.

norcalmalibu 02-16-2012 9:05 PM

Do you have smog requirements? Long tubes will never pass visual.

Depending on engine clearance you might have to install them from under the truck. Also you will need to get your mid pipe modified and shortened. Lastly I'm not sure where your oxygen sensors are located but you might have to have the fronts removed with the mid pipe being shortened. This will throw a CEL so you will need a tuner to turn of the front oxygen sensors.

If you're going to go through the process of adding long tubes id add a cold air intake while your at it. I only clean and put a fine line of oil on the filters to keep the MAF clean.

If you got the cash and time and don't care about smog I highly recommend it. LS motors love long tubes. I put a set of LG's long tubes on my vette and it really woke the car up.

brett33 02-17-2012 6:49 AM


stock cats would be a wash with adding the headers


LS motors love long tubes.

Putting a custom tune on it would be a good option if you want to keep the truck quiet and experience some moderate gains. If you want to go the header route and keep your stock catback system expect to see no where near the +46hp / +38ft-lbs gains stated. As far as CIA, I believe AEM makes a Dry Flow Filter for the LS1 which requires no oiling.

trace 02-17-2012 1:34 PM

The systems I'm looking at include high-flow cats & Y pipe. So not stock cats, but stock cat-back.

I'm in Texas and I've never heard of anyone having problems with headers at inspection time, but I will ask around. They just started using sniffers in this area about 3 years ago, so things may have changed. They do a visual for cats, but that's it AFAIK.

cadunkle 02-17-2012 2:22 PM

Gains will be negligible with everything stock after the headers. Do an H pipe after the long tubes followed by a higher flowing cat on each side and if you like it quiet go with a pair of larger turbo style mufflers to keep it quiet. Don't bother with headers if you leave everything else the same. As for cold air intakes, that's snake oil for people who don't know how to build engines. Gains are negligible on a stock engine.

Elliottsx80 02-23-2012 6:51 PM

trace, id go with a set of pacesetter long tubes. i run them on everything i have even my new escalade. you might notice a little more bottom end and thats about it. but i wouldnt run any type of high flow CATr. , i would cut them off completely. there are a ton of shops in texas that do custom tuning. usually starts at about 250.00 and they will tune your secondary o2 sensors off. and take your torque managment off and your topspeed limiter. as far as your emission testing. i have a ton of friends in texas with turbos and supercharger set ups on there ls1 with no cats. just pay the guy 50 bucks and he will pass ya. ill add a pic of my h2 sut with the pacesetters on it. and there super easy to put on. if you have a sawza. it might take you a 1 hour

Elliottsx80 02-23-2012 6:53 PM

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