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wakerider111 02-15-2012 5:56 PM

Little Known Innovative Wake Binding Invention
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I was doing a general google image search on "wakeboard bindings" and was super curious when i saw this picture a few scrolls down the list
Attachment 19750

clicked on it and discovered that someone made a "safer wakeboard binding" with a release function... not only that, but this design got an innovation award and got quite a bit of recognition from outside the wake community.

How is it that a wake related invention gets all sorts of recognition and we have never heard of it????? OR am I just the last one to hear about this?

LUCID wakeboard binding

one example of news behind it

juniorhawk 02-15-2012 6:04 PM


VinnyA 02-15-2012 7:31 PM

HOly crap thats so cooolllllllll

captain_vilfo 02-15-2012 7:43 PM

does it come in closed toe? lol

durty_curt 02-15-2012 7:47 PM

the colors remind me of the ronix reliks

bmock50 02-15-2012 8:42 PM

Can you buy them anywhere?

razorjaw 02-16-2012 1:42 AM

Probably got swallowed up in a lawsuit over patents. :(

tahoeguy7 02-16-2012 9:24 AM

We probably haven't heard of it because it got an award from a vacuum company for "the ability to think differently," not an award from wake enthusiasts who have actually tried it out.

wakerider111 02-16-2012 11:30 AM

personally i am a bit of a fence-sitter on the "stay-in vs come-out" argument.
I wear neo socks in my boots, mainly for extra padding, but they do have an added benefit of helping your feet slide in and out easier.

i know there is a significant representation on both sides of the argument/ preference. unfortunately those who are in favor of coming-out dont have much to choose from

reguardless of what side your on though everyone wants both feet to do the same... except for suicidal people that do one footed airs :D

brett33 02-16-2012 12:03 PM

Really interesting stuff. I wish there was a video of them..

TheHebrewHammer 02-16-2012 1:02 PM

I heard about these when I was first getting into the sport and forgot about them. They look like they wouldn't be very good as bindings.

benjaminp 02-16-2012 5:36 PM


Originally Posted by durty_curt (Post 1732200)
the colors remind me of the ronix reliks

What Reliks are you riding? Havent they only ever been black, reflecto, and blue this year as the Parks?

Nick77 02-17-2012 12:40 AM

Is i see it they dont look very good. i don't think the designer is riding on a high level, but being more an industrial designer. One of his points of designing the binding is that it's hard to get in and out of bindings. Well not today and it wasn't back in 2008.
weeknesses of the binding. 1. release system. He is saying that injuries occur when one foot falls out of the binding and the other is still attached to the board. Yes thats right but the release binding system will make the risk even higher of one foot releasing.
2. Support. This binding you can only tighten at the top part with a BOA system. How do you make the binding tight over the foot?
3. Comfort. as i see it you will have your front foot grinding the baseplate.
Well you can probably develop it it even more but todays wake bindings are already way beyond.

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