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tonyv420 02-15-2012 11:52 AM

Super chip for K3500 w/ 454
I have a 1998 K3500 Dually with a 454. Is a chip gonna help me out with towing my boat with the camper on? Not sure if you can even get a chip for this vehicle. Has anyone done this, or is it even worth doing? Any response would be greatly appreciated:D

Elliottsx80 02-15-2012 12:18 PM

save your money. its not worth the trouble. ive chipped a few for some guys that had some back up rigs for there hot shot business. 454s are known for there flat 10mpg, doesnt matter if your pulling or empty. is the truck a standard or automatic? if its a auto i would recomend putting a little lower gear in it. maybe a 4.10 or 4.56. 4.56 would be kinda extreme though.

tonyv420 02-15-2012 1:07 PM

Thanks Robby, ya its a automatic. I know about the gas mileage thing, no matter what I only get 8-10mpg LOL

magic 02-15-2012 2:45 PM

I had a K2500 with the same motor. I messed around with things, nothing really changed anything for me. It had 3.73 gears in it. I would have looked at 4.10 if I'd kept it.

nitrousbird 02-15-2012 3:28 PM


nailem 02-15-2012 5:13 PM

Save your money and Get a duramax. My 05' gets 16mpg at 75mph in overdrive the whole time from Erie PA to Norris lake TN

cadunkle 02-15-2012 6:08 PM

Not a Chevy guy but I know a thing or two about engines, and own a couple 460 Ford power vehicles and my boat has a 454...

Don't bother with that stuff, unless you can set the tune, and even then, it won't make a huge difference on a gasser. Best things you can do if you want more power are to upgrade the heads, or port what you have, up the compression, get headers, ditch the EFI if you can't tune it easily, and throw a carb and regular distributor in there to optimize for your upgrades. My 460 powered lifted F-350 gets 10.8 MPG towing at 70-75 and 12.5 MPG not towing. Has a torque curve like a diesel. Poor MPG is smog engine build, although BBC is far inferior to the 460 there's no reason a BBC can't do similar performance and MPG at that power level.

As for gearing, for automatic there's less reason to go to a lower ratio gearset as you get torque multiplication through the torque converter, to get the engine wher eit makes more torque at a lower MPH than the same truck with a manual. Manual transmissions may need a lower ratio pulling heavy loads since you can't get as much RPM at a given MPH... But every manual I've ever had in a truck has a granny gear so really not necessary if that's the case.

Elliottsx80 02-15-2012 8:02 PM

well cory i couldnt agree with you more on most of the stuff you listed in your first paragraph, but carbs are a thing of the past. full injections equals efficiency. by the time you bought a good carb, a good billet distributor and upgraded your ignition system, and of course if your going to do all that you might as well dive in deep and by some good ported heads, a good cam, better pistons, good set of cermic coated header. that starts getting a little impractical money wise to pick up a few mpg and torque. i mean before i went that route i would probably just do a bolt on blower. i think wieand makes them for fuel injected big blocks. and there not to pricy, and probably a little more reliable

fare as the gears go, i think your way off. i hardly ever see someone putting gears in a standard for the one simple reason there is no torque converter in a standard. the whoel deal with a automatic you want your rpms a little higher so the motor is putting out a little more torque to keep the torque converter locked so the tranny can stay cool while pulling large loads. im sure you know this but if your converter isnt locked and kicking up and down. the tranny tends to get a little hott. wich is never good, and torque converter does not multiply torque. it robs torque unless its locked. thats why they make stall converters, to stall the motor to get your rpms higher to create more torque before the converter locks on takeoff. and if you got a good tranny guy and tuner. you can have it lock at wide open throttle through all your gears. but thats on a built tranny. 99% of stock trannys will not lock the converter untill your in 3rd and 4th gear.

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