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ian_ashton 02-13-2012 3:55 PM

My custom painted Exile XM9s...
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I bought a pair of XM9's a few weeks ago and decided that I wanted to have them color matched to my boat. I think they came out pretty good. Here are some pictures of the speakers when I received them, broke 'em down, and taped 'em up;

ian_ashton 02-13-2012 3:57 PM

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And the finished product;

ian_ashton 02-13-2012 4:02 PM

I will be powering them with an Exile Harpoon. The rest of the stereo will consist of an Exile XI800.4 powering 6 Exile SX65 coaxials, and a Kicker ZX1000.1 powering 2 Kicker L7 10" subs. The headunit is a Kenwood KMR-440U, and I have a BlueSea ACR for the dual battery setup.

liljohn 02-13-2012 4:08 PM

Looks good man. Nice job.

chriscno 02-13-2012 4:52 PM

Looks good!

jfergus7 02-13-2012 10:55 PM

Those look great! Nicely done!

992envy 02-13-2012 11:44 PM

Nice! Let's see them on the boat.

petrey10 02-14-2012 6:22 AM

they look great... what did you use to paint them with?

tyler97217 02-14-2012 6:40 AM

Nice work. Yeah lets see them on the boat..

newty 02-14-2012 7:45 AM

Looks great Ian.

brianinpdx 02-14-2012 1:16 PM

Ian - for sure want to see the mounted on the boat pictures. Overall how did the paint match come out? Good job!

Exile Audio

ian_ashton 02-15-2012 6:33 AM

I actually didn't paint them, I just took them to a local automotive paint guy. He scuffed them down, and used a PPG adhesion promoter and PPG paint. To match the color I took the swim platform to the paint shop and they scanned it. I got the DuPont paint code, unfortunately I could not find a local distributor for DuPont paint. It was like $100 +$30 in paint.

I too am excited to get them on the boat, unfortunately I live in Michigan and have a few weeks yet before the boat will be out of hibernation.

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