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shawndoggy 02-13-2012 10:47 AM

Need boat recommendation for friend
A family friend is boat shopping. He's got a co-worker who is very much a mastercraft fan. His budget is $25ish. Family is two adults and four kids. He wants a vdrive and that's about all he knows other than mastercraft (which a co-worker is apparently pounding into him incessantly).

They want to ski, wakeboard and surf. Skiing will likely never get beyond recreational. What's the best mastercraft that fits that budget and intended use?

He has been looking specifically at the X10 (which looks awfully small for a large family). Will that hull surf OK?

I've suggested that he also take a look at a 2000-03 malibu wakesetter lsv, but his co worker has him drinking the mastercraft coolaid pretty hard. The lsv appears to have much more room than an X10.

Any other suggestions out there?

FunkyBunch 02-13-2012 10:57 AM

What about the Maristar 230, SN 226, x30 anything with a little more room. Speaking from experience expect with 4 kids to have friends come along as well so 6 people quickly turns into 10.

polarbill 02-13-2012 11:37 AM

If he is strictly looking mastercraft then the X10(maristar 210), Xstar(205V hull) and X30(maristar 230) are really the only options. The X10 and X30 are very similar I believe although the X30 is bigger.

The older Malibu LSV is a diamond hull boat so although it will probably throw a good wake/wave it will probably take a lot of weight. I have no idea which would be better though, a malibu lsv or mastercraft x30. I would compare the X10 to the VLX. Personally I would much rather have the VLX then the X10.

Other options may be ~2000 Tige 21v, maybe an 03 or 04 Tige 22v, 20001-2004 Supra 22SSV, might be able to find a 2005 21v but unlikely, Sanger V215, Sanger V230

shawndoggy 02-13-2012 12:13 PM

Thanks for the suggestions (and keep 'em coming).

These guys are unlikely to get beyond weekend warrior / recreational level (IMHO). Brett, that's a good point about the LSV's diamond hull, and one I had actually taken into account as there is an expressed desire to ski. Is there a better ski wake in a 23' vdrive than the early 2000s LSV?

Why would you choose a vlx over an x10? I used to own a 2006 vride, so that will help me relate. I've already commented to my friend that the vride would get very cramped with more than 6 on board. The wake on that boat was really good though.

One other point -- we are pretty dealer deprived locally. Sanger, Nautique, Tige and Malibu (sort of) are the only local dealers. MC left town when Cope and McPheters died. We do have an independent shop that is indmar certified.

My friend is also an absolute newb, and is not going to want to be geeking out with installation of a ballast system or perfect pass, etc. If he gets a boat without one of those features, he'll have a dealer install or live without.

polarbill 02-13-2012 12:19 PM

Shawn, I just like the VLX better and I don't think there is that much more room in the X10 then the VLX although I could be wrong.

This boat has been on craigslist for a while but Boise isn't crazy far from you. You would know what to tell the guy to expect and the boat looks to have everything. Ski wake shouldn't be terrible for a recreational skier.

shawndoggy 02-13-2012 12:22 PM

The pics I've seen of the x10, the interior looks smaller than the old-old-gen vlx... probably because the seating doesn't wrap behind the driver.

shawndoggy 02-13-2012 12:23 PM

and for the record, I've been pushing this one pretty hard... http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv...844643837.html

polarbill 02-13-2012 12:26 PM

That LSV looks nice.

kskonn 02-13-2012 3:32 PM

I would think with that size family the X10 would be cramped for space. where are you guys located? You can probably find a 30, which would be ideal for the size but not so much for the ski wake, it will work espicially on a recreational level, it will surf really well and wakeboards well also. You would probably be looking at an 00-01 for that price range in a 30. I am selling my 03 but it is looking like I will get in the 35k range for my boat.

Although I am a two time mastercraft owner they are definitely not the only outfit around. I always reccomend to by the boat you like with the best dealer/service in your area. Hopefully he will open up his mind to looking at Malibu, tige etc... you can find some good boats.

shawndoggy 02-13-2012 4:39 PM

We are in Reno, NV. But my buddy knows he's going to have to keep his search open to at least NorCal, and possibly west coast. Thanks for the reply Kevin! I know exactly what you mean re pricing -- 23' and $25K is a TALL order.

wakemitch 02-13-2012 9:04 PM

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I have a 2002 Malibu LSV (diamond hull) and it does all three great. It actually has a very soft ski wake for a 23 foot boat. Back in 2002 my dad skied behind everything when shopping and the LSV was the only 23 foot boat at the time that skied well enough (tige 23v was second choice). The wakeboard wake is long and rampy and can get some really good size to it. It took a few years to figure out the surf wake, but now I feel like we have it DIALED. I wakesurf behind a lot of comp ready boats and my LSV puts out a pretty good wake in comparison. Obviously not a comp level wake, but it has strong push, decent length, really nice tranny, and we finally got the lip cleaned up.

I would definitely recommend it. It has a ton of room for people too. If your buddy gets one, he should get one without stock ballast so he can fit bigger sacs in the back lockers. They didnt have the ballast under the floor back then and it eats up a lot of room and doesnt give you much weight.

Brendon444 02-13-2012 9:17 PM

For a recreational rider mostly I'd suggest looking strongly into sanger as your going to get a newer boat with less hours for the money. Which should be very reliable and maintenance free for years to come. When I was shopping for a boat I ended up with the sanger just because I could get a much lower hour newer boat for less money than the bigger brands. I'm glad I made the choice I did.

I mean get an mb jk.

shawndoggy 02-14-2012 5:45 AM

While I'd really like to find an example of a Sanger that's a good fit, most used boats appear to lack something (ballast, perfect pass) or if they do have it, are priced above my friend's price range. New, Sanger is a great value. However they appear to depreciate less, which is bad for a used buyer.

Happy to be proven wrong about that if you've got a line on a loaded up v230 or v215 at or around $25k?

Brendon444 02-14-2012 4:57 PM

Just a thought on the sanger, I never heard of sanger before this site and started researching them while searching to buy a boat and ended up with a 06 v215 ballast, perfect pass for right around your price range. Plus im from canada where boats are typically about 5-10k above states prices. Good luck with you and your friends search.

polarbill 02-15-2012 7:22 AM

Shawn, this is a a great deal I just saw on Seattle craigslist. A new servo for PP is like $100 so not much. This would have ballast, PP, FAE, bimini, board rack I am guessing, etc.. He wont find a bigger, roomier boat for the price is my guess. The skiing wake might suck but should be doable for an occassional ski with no ballast and the trim plate down.


shawndoggy 02-16-2012 10:30 AM

thanks! Looks like there may be a line on a one owner low hours dealer maintained x10 locally. I still think it's too small, but I didn't listen when my friends told me that before buying the vride. It does fit the budget and appears to be well maintained.

polarbill 02-17-2012 1:15 PM

Shawn, not sure if your buddy bought the X10 but check out this VLX. Sick and loaded up. Little high on the hours but looks clean.


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