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parkcityxj 02-12-2012 7:55 PM

Carver or Taylormade Universal Biminis?
Has anybody had any experience with either the Carver or Taylormade Universal Tower Biminis? Both are under $400. The Carver looks pretty solid for the price, esp after getting two $1000+ quotes at the boat show today.



SkySki 02-12-2012 10:08 PM

I had two Taylormade mounted on my last boat. They lasted a long time and were really well built from what I remember. They were the normal ones that don't mount to the tower.

Jeff 02-13-2012 9:40 AM

I was pretty close to buying the carver one but the started measuring and realized how much smaller they were than a custom towerbiminis.com one would be on my boat. It would have looked a bit stupid on my 23' boat even with the largest one. I think my tower biminis one ended up being like 12-14" longer and wider than the universal one would have been. Still it didn't seem like a very good value at like $750.

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