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mike_schwenne 02-10-2012 4:34 PM

Westcoast wakeboard camp celebrates 10 years- share your story
It's been an amazing 10 years guys.
I was thinking about all the crazy memories I've had from camp. Please share your favorite memory with us...

Mike Schwenne

Righteousrider94 02-12-2012 10:02 AM

Ive only been once in 2008 and it was awesome! My favorite memory is when on my very first session i landed my first tantrum 3rd try that was amazing!

thescott 02-13-2012 12:07 PM

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I haven't had the opportunity to attend a full blown camp, but have had a few lessons with some of the past and current WCC staff. Last season, we booked a lesson a few months in advance for May. So the time comes and we head to McClure for the weekend and the weather is just crazy. We camped at Barrett in tents and got poured on all night. It literally started pouring around 11pm and did not stop until 6am. Woke up in the morning and our camp site was a huge, muddy puddle. I also forgot to prop up the boat cover :banghead: so there was about 10 gallons of water sagging down on the cover... The rain broke in the morning long enough for us to get all prepped to go. By this time, we were wondering if the lesson was still going to happen given the crazy weather over the night and the prospect for more throughout the day...So...with a soggy crew and soggy boat, we rolled down to the launch ramp. Shortly after , Mike and Dustin showed up ready to go. Long story short, through the cold, rain, wind, thunder and even a little bit of hail, we had an outstanding day. Mike and Dustin kept it fun and did everything they could to make it a productive day in spite of the crazy weather. At the very end of the day, the weather got so crazy, it was just silly. Just a cold, torrential downpour. As I drove back to the marina, everyone in the boat, Mike and Dustin included, bundled together, laughing and just trying to stay dry and warm. It was pretty funny and very memorable. We all learned a ton that day and had a blast. Definately looking forward to working more with WCC in the future.

Keep up the good work Mike and the rest of the WCC staff!

Mike_McMillen 02-24-2012 6:59 PM

Dumbe Pile, D Upppssss in the Cove, McWrong, Balsamic dressing on everything, chalked up, Fajitas, Rod Cakes, Camping on the side of Bagby, C Lowe, The B Rad Swing, The Coming up Trip, Night Ride, Friday Night Dinners, Schmozing, Ranch getting heat Stroke, Cash Flow, Ranch's Cash Flow Spreadsheet, Locking the campers out of the Girl's houseboat, Goonies.

Beast and Noodle

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