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baitkiller 02-09-2012 1:04 PM

Football is illegal!
in L.A.

Yep, that's right fellas. $1,000 if you are caught throwing a football on a Los Angles County beach.

Bunch of pussy communist fun police, protect everything at the expense of all your rights bull crap nonsense.

baitkiller 02-09-2012 1:16 PM

Ok it gets better the more you read. apparently you cannot kick or throw anything on the beach, so Frisbees and (beach)balls are out as well. There is also a line that states children who dig more than 18" are also in violation and subject to said penalty. ? seriously? getthe****outtahere!
Man I couldn't wait to get out of LA 27 years ago. Laughing stock.

grant_west 02-09-2012 1:34 PM

Ok I got to hear the State's reason behind such a Law?? Popcorn in hand!

misteve 02-09-2012 1:38 PM

Obesity is a problem in the US and we want to stop people from getting outside and moving their bodies?!?! Go to the beach, but sit still and eat your KFC and drink your Slurpee....

norcalrider 02-09-2012 1:45 PM

Not the State, just LA County. All the more reason to stick with Orange County and North County beaches.

Just nanny-government. Protecting people from issues that could be resolved without an ordinance. When I was a beach lifeguard in college we would deal with the holes that are too deep and ask people to throw where they wouldn't step on or hit other beach goers. There is never a reason to institute a financial penalty for discourteous behavior.

As a former college water polo player, it made me laugh that we were exempted. Reminded me of the beach leagues that happen during the summer.

jerasu98 02-09-2012 9:43 PM

http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/02/ … n-beaches/ here is the article. Judge for yourself but doesn't seem too unreasonable. I was told by lifeguards as a kid in San Diego to find a less crowded spot to throw the frisbee. I know that i don't want some idiot playing catch where my kid is building sand castles and trip over him.

cadunkle 02-11-2012 8:53 AM

Welcome to the USSA, with Kaliphornya leading the charge towards communist.

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