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ragboy 02-09-2012 12:57 PM

Calgary Boat Show
If any of you are going to the Calgary boat show, come by the Hyperactive Watersports booth and say hi. RJ and I are going to be there with lots of Tiges and Centurions and Sfvaras and stuff. Really looking forward to it since dealers and boat shows here in NorCal have just been so devastated and still haven't recovered. These guys at Hyperactive have been truck loads of boats for the show, just blows my mind.

We will have some wake9 sticker sheets to pass out and just be hanging out, hope to see some of you.

ragboy 02-10-2012 2:53 PM

This is blowing my mind, the biggest Malibu Dealer in the world is across from this space, and then the biggest Mastercraft dealer is next door, and this is the biggest Tige dealer. I would have never thought that would be in Canada. But everything is here. The new XSTAR is here, have some pics I will post later, and the new X30, new Z3, new MX22 which is the new pickle fork malibu and its axis cousin also. Then this new board I heard about from Shane at Skier's Choice. He was talking to me about this new moomba boat they are building surf specific. They are going to try to bring one to the west coast open. Its called the Mojo 2.5 and based on my limited knowledge, I think its going to surf, looking at the hull. When you see the pictures of the swim deck and hull, I think you will see from the pics they are really trying to make a good surf boat. Not a normal looking moomba, it has tons of freeboard.

There are 12 Tiges in this space, I don't think I have seen that many tiges in one spot even at the factory. Fun stuff. Its like 10 deg F outside.

duffymahoney 02-10-2012 3:12 PM

Calgary is a great time! Have fun. Their economy is booming so I would understand how they sell so many boats.

ragboy 02-11-2012 12:29 AM

The pics.
So here are a bunch of pics of various new boats I saw, with a few of my observations...

The 2013? MC XStar was there. Its cool looking in a Epcot Center futuristic kind of way. I really don't think much about wakeboard wakes, and this may throw a killer one, but I am pretty darn sure this won't surf. Look at that bulge out at the rear, that can't do any good to a surf wake.

Camera Roll-421 by wake9, on Flickr

Another angle

Camera Roll-418 by wake9, on Flickr

The white is NOT the boat, its the platform:

Camera Roll-417 by wake9, on Flickr

See those huge notches?

Camera Roll-416 by wake9, on Flickr

The new X30 from MC looked more promising. You can see they cut in the swim deck and the basic shape of the hull seems like it could surf, but who knows.

Camera Roll-427 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-426 by wake9, on Flickr

This deck is cut in a lot farther than any other MC I have seen. The bottom of this deck was not filled in at all and had a huge lip in it, going to probably be an issue.

Camera Roll-419 by wake9, on Flickr

Seems a bit light in the V, and a surf boat without a wake plate?

Camera Roll-420 by wake9, on Flickr

Anyway, maybe it throws a decent wake, I have no idea, but its plain looking on the outside, and I don't understand not having any plate, maybe it has such a hook on the back that the plate doesn't make much difference? Maybe its an option? But up here, so much money up here in Calgary, these boats usually had all the bells and whistles.

So Here is some pictures of the new malibu mxz 22. Honestly, the pictures I have seen on the web do not seem my taste, but up close, it was decent looking, just didn't blow my skirt up, but I am sure its gorgeous to somebody. ;-)

Camera Roll-435 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-436 by wake9, on Flickr

Its got a decent amount of freeboard, but they REALLY got a low rub rail on this thing. At least it appears that way, but as long as it doesn't cut in the surf wake, I guess that's not a bad thing.

Camera Roll-437 by wake9, on Flickr

Here is the rear, get a good idea of V and shape of the hull, you can really see what I mean by that low rub rail. Also, you can see the seating on the back, its not as big as the Z3 area, and I think I would rather step up on sea deck than slippery upholstery. Maybe thats just the unstable fat guy in me. The deck is also very wide, not thinking of surfing.

Camera Roll-438 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-439 by wake9, on Flickr

The most interesting boat I haven't seen til now is the new Mojo 2.5 by Moomba. I have no idea if its going to make a good surf wake, but there is no question looking at it that Moomba DEF was thinking surf with this. Lots of freeboard, unusual for most moombas, and check out the swim deck. Hull shape seems like it may surf, but it has that big hook in the back of the hull like all other supras/moombas. Here are some pics, def not the prettiest boat IMHO but seems functional.

Camera Roll-442 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-441 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-425 by wake9, on Flickr

The hull looks like it has a decent wake surf shape to it

Camera Roll-424 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-423 by wake9, on Flickr

ok, now check out this deck, it was REALLY ugly, but no doubt they were thinking of surfing. It is also perfect smooth underneath. Def seems functional for a surf deck.

Camera Roll-422 by wake9, on Flickr


ragboy 02-11-2012 12:32 AM

Now this was my favorite boat, not gonna lie. ;-)

Camera Roll-428 by wake9, on Flickr

Here are some good pictures of the new Z3 hull, so you get a good look at what the R&D bought to life. Notice the absence of those chines?

Camera Roll-431 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-432 by wake9, on Flickr

The rear of the hull comes out to mate with the deck in such a cool way on the Z3, it just doesn't jutt out the rear.

Camera Roll-434 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-433 by wake9, on Flickr

That's it, being on and around that red Z3 all day makes me feel summer coming, can't wait to get our new Z3 and really put it to work. But also really interested in the Mojo. It may not be as good as a tige, centurion, sanger, mb, etc, but it looks like a big step for Skier's Choice.

There is a good chance we will have a Mojo 2.5 at the wakesurf open to demo, along with at least a Z3 from Tige, an Enzo from Centurion, a 23 foot MB is planned to show up, not sure which one, and Sanger 237 or 239 if they have a boat available at the time. All of them weighted and ready to demo with some type of factory or dealer representation and the CMS Wakesurf board inventory right there to choose from. That could be an epic demo experience, can't wait. Would love to see an X30 and a Malibu 247? Maybe someday we will get them all lined up. ;-)

wofrankwo 02-11-2012 11:44 AM

like a kid in a candy store!!

Cool pics!!

lakesurfer 02-11-2012 12:16 PM

Ragboy: great pics, but I dont see any of the new Enzo 244 that was right next to you. You must have just forgot:)

ragboy 02-11-2012 2:17 PM

@jkw What is the hardest thing about being an Enzo owner?

Camera Roll-444 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-447 by wake9, on Flickr

Telling your parents your gay. ;-)

ragboy 02-11-2012 2:23 PM

lol, all in good fun. The only reason I didn't post other pictures is I was showing stuff I hadn't seen or covered before. Even the Z3, this is the first time I have seen the complete new production Z3, the ones we tested were incomplete or cut up. We did a full video walkthrough of these new centurions in the summer and they are beautiful boats. The cockpit area on the 244 is a fricken living room, and the sun deck is obviously quite comfortable. ;-)

Here is RJ posing with Centurion rider Carroline Villaneuve in front of the same 244.

Camera Roll-457 by wake9, on Flickr

They met with us here because we are in the same space/booth with Hyperactive (tige) and Absolut (centurion) and we are going to be helping/broadcasting the H20 event just north of the Canadian border. That is a Centurion event and one of the World Series, so its all good, we are definitely sharing the love!

ragboy 02-11-2012 2:29 PM

I walked around a bit during lunch and found a few more things I haven't seen, first, check out this canadian edition VLX:

Camera Roll-449 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-448 by wake9, on Flickr

The X55 was hidden from me at the back of the MC area, this thing is fricken ginormous.

Camera Roll-451 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-450 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-453 by wake9, on Flickr

Big bow:

Camera Roll-452 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-456 by wake9, on Flickr

Hard to tell, because they are disconnected for space, but its got 3 trim tabs across the back.

Camera Roll-455 by wake9, on Flickr

Big ol Cockpit, not my fav color, but nice.

Camera Roll-454 by wake9, on Flickr

duffymahoney 02-11-2012 2:47 PM

How does the 244 interior compare in size to the malibu 247? For some reason the 247 seems huge inside.

ragboy 02-11-2012 3:22 PM

@duffy, ask and you shall receive. I just went and looked at both right after another, they seem the same, both ginormous. if there is a difference, its in inches.

Enzo 244 (BTW, this is actually Carroline's new boat, I didn't realize that. She is pretty stoked.)

Camera Roll-458 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-461 by wake9, on Flickr

Bu 247

Camera Roll-459 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-460 by wake9, on Flickr

motogod77 02-11-2012 3:27 PM

That show looks amazing (wish I was there instead of at work that's for sure) - keep em coming!

ragboy 02-11-2012 3:40 PM

I know, right? Everything is here, at the SAC show, just not like this. Well, no sanger or supreme here. What else do you want to see? If its here I will send RJ to take pics and then I will post. 3 more hours for us, flying back tomorrow.

motogod77 02-11-2012 3:49 PM

Since it is Wakeworld you better show the MB's! Wow I was told Supreme is there, or maybe it's LA - huh I'm at a loss on that one . . . . As well as they sell in Canada I'm suprised there isn't a two2six or two around there.

ragboy 02-11-2012 4:59 PM

ok, I just found wakecraft and MB. There is another hall that I thought was just fishing boats and accessories, small booths and stuff, but there were some bigger stuff back there also. Although, if Supreme is here, I have no clue where they would be. The map has dealer names, like MB is at Giligan's, so no way I could tell. MB said they have a tomcat 24 that replaces the 23, but its not here yet, I didn't know that, maybe someone (drew) has more info on that. My contact at MB HQ is now at Skier's Choice, so don't have the straight dope. Got some good pics, will post a bit later.

The wake crafts are interesting, the president is here and got to talk to him. They are pushing the 2 riders surfing at once, which I told him was not of much interest to me, but would love to know how it surfs on each side. He showed me an interesting thing they are doing to the bottom of the hull, have no idea if it works, but will show pictures. Maybe a lake test on one of these in the future would be fun. Anyway, pictures a bit later, I took a bunch and it takes a while to upload from my iPhone.

In the Tige space with Hyperactive its the RZRs and the Z3s that are really getting the play. Its amazing to me how many people want a boat that they can waterski and surf behind, of course the RZR isn't going to surf as well as the Z3 or RZ2, but you def can't ski on those boats. Met a few RZR owners that just love the smack out of them. Lots of people limited to small slips up here, its a very interesting market up here. Of course those that hard core surf are looking at the RZ2s and Z3s hard. I just found out there are no lakes around here, they have to drive 3-5 hours to get to a decent lake, but yet buy up all these boats. Gotta love it, like I said its an interesting market up here and fun to meat all these folks and learn how they use their boats. The real hard core folks hit the water the moment the ice melts, and go til it freezes, still put 150 hours + on the boat a few of them. The ladies too, hard core. Gotta tip your hat to that kind of commitment.

lakesurfer 02-11-2012 6:29 PM


Originally Posted by ragboy (Post 1731342)
@jkw What is the hardest thing about being an Enzo owner?

Telling your parents your gay. ;-)

No, the hardest is telling a good friend that just dropped $85K on a Tige Z3 that he could have spent $10K less and had an Enzo 244:banghead:

Also, If RJ's surfing career does not work out, it looks like he will make a great boat model.

Hope you guys are having fun. Have you set a date for your annual Wake9 demo day?

ragboy 02-11-2012 6:43 PM

Lol, I need some ointment for that burn. ;-)

The dates are up at http://wake9.com/open , I think its may 18-20. We are going to have a better page up by the end of the week. We are also finally going to announce something that we have been working on for 2.5 years, I am SO stoked about it. Announcement is just a few days away now. Can't wait.

lakesurfer 02-11-2012 7:19 PM


Originally Posted by ragboy (Post 1731363)
Lol, I need some ointment for that burn. ;-)

The dates are up at http://wake9.com/open , I think its may 18-20.

If I am still out in CA for work, I am going to try and make it.

ragboy 02-11-2012 10:59 PM

ok, so like I said, I found the MB dealer and the Wakecraft space. The wakecraft space was not a dealer, I think they were all there direct from the company. So first, I got a bunch of pictures from the MB boats. They seem to have nice fit and finish, and nice interiors, but they also a funky chubby like style that would probably have to grow on me a bit. At the same time, if it surfs well, who cares, seems like a pretty well made boat. The rear of the hull seems pretty surf ready but the sides seem steep, and they don't taper off toward the back of the boat, which most good surf boats seem to do. Just observations from looking at them on the land and of course none of that matters next to an actual lake test. Here are some pics of the 21s.

Camera Roll-508 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-507 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-506 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-505 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-504 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-479 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-480 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-482 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-481 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-485 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-483 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-489 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-486 by wake9, on Flickr

ragboy 02-11-2012 11:04 PM

They only had one b52 23 there, and I asked about the Tomcat 23, they said that the Tomcat 24 is replacing it. Not sure when we will see that, sound promising. So here are the pics of the B52 23.

Camera Roll-502 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-501 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-500 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-499 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-498 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-497 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-496 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-494 by wake9, on Flickr

ragboy 02-11-2012 11:08 PM

The 23 seems as roomy as a 24, but not up front, bow seems pretty small. Many people like that trade off though. I missed posting the interior of the green 21, here they are:

Camera Roll-493 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-492 by wake9, on Flickr

Here is a yellow interior:

Camera Roll-492 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-490 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-488 by wake9, on Flickr

ragboy 02-11-2012 11:32 PM

ok, now for the wakecraft boats. They had 2 models there and pretty darn interesting looking boats. This one (ZR6 I believe) has got to be easy to service that PCM engine:

Camera Roll-469 by wake9, on Flickr

You can see the tower on this one, not fond of that speaker setup/look on the tower.

Camera Roll-466 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-470 by wake9, on Flickr

ok, this has got to be like porn for service guys. Chad and Kyle from CMS would probably pull this in a centerfold.

Camera Roll-476 by wake9, on Flickr

Its got a supra/centurion front playpen cooler thing going on.

Camera Roll-472 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-471 by wake9, on Flickr

Seemed roomy in the cockpit, but again, bow is pretty small.

Camera Roll-473 by wake9, on Flickr

ok, now here is the interesting part. This is their tech they are proud of. They call it their "Hydro Thrust" design and its patent pending. Its like a channel for the prop which you can see in these 2 pictures and you can get the idea.

Camera Roll-468 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-467 by wake9, on Flickr

The president said the way it gives room above the prop and channels the thrust, it basically eliminates prop wash and makes a symmetrical wake. They were showing off how they could surf on both sides at once, but if you google the video you will see it looks like 2 not so good wakes being surfed. I told him that didn't interest me so much unless a boat manufacturer could make both sides as good as we get one side now. Don't see that happening any time soon. ;-) At the same time if this tech does help eliminate prop wash or makes a boat do a great wake on both sides (not at the same time) I could dig on that. I have no idea if this works or not as they say, but he seemed very proud of it and maybe a test could be in the future.

This boat was marked the ZRWake and looked different, and I don't see any mention of it on the website. I will ask tomorrow or later about the specs on this, I just don't know, but here are the pics:

Camera Roll-478 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-477 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-475 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-474 by wake9, on Flickr

My flight isn't leaving til later tomorrow so I am going to get a bit more time at the show tomorrow. Maybe I will find Supreme in the back somewhere. ;-)

This is probably the funnest boat show I have been to. Its not huge as far as floor space, not that many runabouts or fishing boats or pontoons, mostly inboards and stuff I am more interested in and the major brands are hugely represented which is what has made it fun for me and RJ. All this while it is in the 20s outside. The cold isn't too bad for me since I live at 3000 ft in the Sierra Nevada but when you get in the car and sit on the leather seats in the Hyperactive SUV you understand why seat warmers were invented. Who cares about remote start, they need to have remote seat preheat. When you first sit on that seat, its a jolt to the undercarriage. Tony (national sales manager for tige) was with us and he put it best. "These seats could freeze the balls off of a pool table."

ragboy 02-12-2012 9:31 AM

Got a request from WABoating for interior room on the Z3, specifically to get an idea of free board and depth. For the record, RJ is 5'11" tall.

Camera Roll-512 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-513 by wake9, on Flickr

You can see that it has the room of a 24, the boat is 23'9" long and lots of room. I would say the RZ4 has a tad more length in the cockpit, but not much.

Camera Roll-514 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-515 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-516 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-517 by wake9, on Flickr

islander033 02-12-2012 10:46 AM

I was at this show on Thursday afternoon (didn't take any pics). Great representation of boats there.

Everyone was cool, but one of the MB guys is real pushy...lol.

I didn't see Ragboy or RJ there, I must have been there too early.

Note: Supreme is on the back side of the venue by MB if I remember correctly.

dougr 02-12-2012 10:53 AM

I wish we had that kind of presence at our boat shows. I would like to see how wakecraft owners add ballast, It would be difficult to get additional sacs in the back with that one piece bench, motor cover thing. thanks for the pics

duffymahoney 02-12-2012 11:08 AM

That mb transom looks alot like the Supreme v226

ragboy 02-12-2012 11:10 AM

@islander we got in late thursday night, heading out at 4pm today, sorry we missed you. I will try to find supreme. I did also notice the MB dealer to seem a bit interesting.

ragboy 02-12-2012 1:22 PM

Found supreme, will post pics later. At a fishing boat dealer that didn't really know much about inboards at all.

ragboy 02-13-2012 11:35 AM

got a bunch of the pics on the supremes. They had a 232, 220, and a 226. The 226 is well known but its been a while since I have seen the 232. Travis and I have heard from a few others that like this wakesurf wake, big, but pictures I have seen it doesn't seem to have the same great shape of the 226, just an observation. That 226 shape is def world class. But if you like Supremes and need some more room in the cockpit, the 232 may be good.


Camera Roll-519 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-520 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-521 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-541 by wake9, on Flickr

I don't understand the open space behind the seats in these supremes, seems like a bad choice. Especially for guys that surf goofy a lot, that limited the people you can sit in that side, already limited due to driver, and then no room to extend sac on that side. Maybe it has a reason, but I can't think of it.

Camera Roll-542 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-543 by wake9, on Flickr

The 232 has a bigger cockpit, but the 226 has a fricken queen size bed for the bow and here is the 232 bow.

Camera Roll-544 by wake9, on Flickr

ragboy 02-13-2012 11:49 AM

So this is the 220, at least that is what it said on the side of the boat. Almost seemed like a typo to me, because it looked more like a 20 or 21. Its shallow and narrow. I looked it up, it has a 90" beam, the 232 is 100" and the 226 is 102" beam. I am guessing the 220 isn't going to surf well, seems more like a crossover boat like the Tige RZR, can ski and wakeboard and surf, jack of all trades but not necessarily the master of any. Funny, though, talking to people at the show, that is a VERY popular category. Lots of people that want to still have a decent ski wake, but do the rest and willing to not have the BEST boat in any category as long as they get a decent boat in all 3. I never really wrapped my head around that concept before, until talking to so many that really wanted that.

Camera Roll-522 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-523 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-524 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-533 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-535 by wake9, on Flickr

OK, here it is again, I just don't get this. I guess you can throw a sac on the floor, but this REALLY limits the goofy surf potential, and then just comfort and room IMHO. Maybe they are thinking this is where you put the cooler? Anyone have any thoughts on this, I don't get it.

Camera Roll-538 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-539 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-540 by wake9, on Flickr

ragboy 02-13-2012 11:58 AM

OK, this is the 226, of course. We all know this boat pretty well and I have been in and out of a few of them. I will say, the interior quality of materials is not up to par with the MC, BU, Tige but the fit and finish on this particular 2012 was much better than any 226 I have seen. It looked and FELT nice. If they can maintain this and they are reliable, people will def give it a go. This one was priced at $79 marked down for show to $69, not sure if that is indicative of how they will be priced down here. CAN was on par with US$ at this time.

Camera Roll-525 by wake9, on Flickr

Its always the little details that make the biggest difference. This front emblem on the boat, its on like a sea deck type material. Was really nice to the touch and looked fantastic IMHO, nice touch. Just made the 226 feel/look like a more premier boat than the other supremes.

Camera Roll-526 by wake9, on Flickr

The forward facing living room. ;-)

Camera Roll-527 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-528 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-529 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-530 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-531 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-532 by wake9, on Flickr

The pictures of the supreme bow don't do justice on its size, you have to get in it to get a sense of how big the bow is.

Camera Roll-534 by wake9, on Flickr

ok, at least the 226 has good goofy seating. ;-)

Camera Roll-536 by wake9, on Flickr

No fancy touch or display stuff, but then again, the price is a great feature. This dash may not win awards but it seems very functional and looks nicer than the older ones I remember.

Camera Roll-537 by wake9, on Flickr

Money shot.

Camera Roll-545 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-546 by wake9, on Flickr

ragboy 02-13-2012 12:02 PM

OOps, I just realized I missed the post of the money shot on the 232. You can def see the major differences in the hull from the 226.

Camera Roll-547 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-548 by wake9, on Flickr

And the 220 money shots.

Camera Roll-549 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-550 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-551 by wake9, on Flickr

ragboy 02-13-2012 12:07 PM

So, there were a few other things that really caught my eye at the show that I shot. First, this is one of those Chapparral SSX boats, I THINK this is the 267? Strangle looking beast of a boat.

Camera Roll-462 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-463 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-464 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-465 by wake9, on Flickr

ragboy 02-13-2012 12:09 PM

This was a MC X2. I stopped and took a few pics because I noticed it had 3 trim tabs across the back, and they were REALLY long, kinda interesting.

Camera Roll-555 by wake9, on Flickr

See how LONG the side ones are?

Camera Roll-557 by wake9, on Flickr

ragboy 02-13-2012 12:12 PM

Now this boat just caught me in the "WTF" department. It was massive, and bizarre. They should call this boat the "Mamma Jamma". ;-)

Camera Roll-552 by wake9, on Flickr

Sorry for the blur, I had to snap these pictures fast sometimes, especially when people were walking by.

Camera Roll-553 by wake9, on Flickr

Camera Roll-554 by wake9, on Flickr

Here is a video to get the understanding of this thing:

<iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/34309737?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="1001" height="563" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="http://vimeo.com/34309737">Footprint Boats</a> from <a href="http://vimeo.com/mediaone">Media One Multimedia Inc.</a> on <a href="http://vimeo.com">Vimeo</a>.</p>

ragboy 02-13-2012 12:15 PM

Anyway, really crazy I live in NorCal and I gotta go to Canada to see a great boat show. The SAC show was much more meager, and then mostly RVs and ATVs and stuff it seemed. Hopefully better this year.

I was told the show in Edmunton Canada is even bigger? Wow.

motogod77 02-14-2012 11:38 AM

To fill in the blanks on the Supremes . . . .

The v232 throws a world class wave for sure, maybe not quite the same class as the v226, but definately as good or better than most of the other "surf" boats out there. The cascading hull of the v232 does require some serious weight, but it does out perform Avy's, v237's, and others alike. Aside from the wave the cockpit is actually smaller than the v226, although a tad shorter, the v226 actually has more interior cubic feet (cockpit and bow) than most boats built and does have a foot or so more cockpit space over the 232, plus the monster bow.

My first V-Drive was v220 and you hit the nail on the head - the boat does everything well, but isn't the "best" at any one thing. The wakeboard wake behind a v220 rivals a VLX!

The reasoning behind the starboard seats nonexistence on the v220 is simple - the boat is much more roomy without it being there. Ever been in a Sanger V210??? - the boat is cramped with six people in it and has no leg room, where as the v220 actually feels very roomy considering its length and beam. The 232's starboard seat is shortened and has an integrated boarding step which makes its real nice when people are entering the boat from a dock so they don't have to step on your seats! Plus the room between the step and the driver's seat fits an ice chest perfectly!

A touch screen is optional in the v226, like Maliview or Tige or Centurion. Like most I am against a touch screen in boats - they are going to have a problem - Maliview which I think is the oldest one out there has had its problems and since they are all only covered with a one year warranty can be very expensive to replace - I feel its nots of matter of if, but when a boat owner is going to have a problem! With that being said the new Mercruiser Scorpion DTS is available in all of the models which incorporates the "Smart Craft" gauge - this gauge does more than any touch screen in the business and is covered under the Mercruiser 3-Year warranty.

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