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baitkiller 02-07-2012 3:19 PM

'78 Nautique rebuild
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OK some of you remember when I bought this project for my 6yo daughter. It needs stringers and an engine.
I started the rebuild this week and have sourced a nice 5.7 Mercruiser TBI that just needs manifolds, risers and an inboard bell housing, ring gear and top mount starter. I have also sourced a decent 1"1 Velvet drive in good shape, with cooler and mounts out of Arkansas for 300$ shipped.
So far I am still on budget.
The goal is to have a running , reliable inboard with tower that looks great for less than $5,500.00 I have $400 in the boat and trailer.
Most of my project boats are built better than new with upgraded grids, composite decks and beams, high-end electrical systems etc and the looks dept. comes in last, if ever.
Not this one.
The goal is to patch up the grid so the boat holds shape and the engine stay put.
Electrical will go all new but bare bones basic.
Luxuries here will be a new gauge package.
She will have fully custom bolstered seating with storage and ballast front and rear. Compliments of my Cuban friends I met this year.
90% sure of teak or maybe Ipe decks. We will see what I can get raw lumber for at the Dade market.
Custom two point arch type tower. Cant decide to sweep it fore or aft. Y'all can help with that later.
PPG Concept base / clear paint job from the chines up. leading candidates are Sea foam green, root beer and hot pink. Trim and tower will be black.
I have done some initial cutting and grinding and have cut the new stringer sections to form.
I had intended to set the stringers tomorrow but I just booked the day. So maybe Friday.
I have started a folder on my desk top and will update this thread as I go along if anyone is interested.

Pics in order:
The boat with initial stripping and grinding
Hey look! i can see the top of my benches! been a while.
Stringers cut to shape, nothing fancy just PT
Bucket O resin and designated laminating sneakers.

johnny_defacto 02-07-2012 6:00 PM

killer shoes, man.

baitkiller 02-07-2012 6:28 PM

classic Boks brotha! gonna get stiff too. So nobody likes my garage art, fire extinguisher or rain coat? The painting is from my wife's old friend who painted it for us as a wedding gift. The girl then visited, lasted 3 hours before the wifey threw her out on the street, she had to call a cab! So for the last 15 years it has been decorating my garage. Man I love my wife! Hah!

jeff_mn 02-07-2012 7:08 PM

Those Reeboks are OG, Son.

cadunkle 02-07-2012 8:28 PM

Looking forward to seeing the progress on your restoration. I love classic boats!

jfergus7 02-07-2012 10:33 PM

Really excited to see how this for you. I have been shopping for an older fixer upper as well so I am real interested in your restoration. Please post pictures and updates as often as possible.

john211 02-08-2012 1:33 PM

yes please, keep us informed. the funny pissing matches aside, these are my favorite kinds of threads.

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