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stepintoliquid 02-07-2012 8:48 AM

Pavati Marine Wakeboard boats?
Wait..... What?


stepintoliquid 02-07-2012 8:54 AM


jfergus7 02-07-2012 9:04 AM

Never seen these before Kevin? Thinking of bringing them on as a new boat line?

stepintoliquid 02-07-2012 9:17 AM

Jim, today was definitely my first time seeing these....

jfergus7 02-07-2012 9:23 AM

I have never seen one in person but have seen them on the website before. They do look cool but I think comparing prices I like several other boats better. Now if I could just afford one of them at your dealership! Some day I will!

tyler97217 02-07-2012 9:50 AM

There was a big thread on this last month and many of us got a chance to see them at the boat shows. I think it will be at the LA Boat show coming up too?????

baitkiller 02-07-2012 10:06 AM

I read the other thread too. Has anyone seen the wake yet? i missed that part.

moto817 02-07-2012 11:48 AM

Previous links on these boats



nitrousbird 02-07-2012 5:01 PM

Been posted a lot, but a lot more info/pics on their website in the past.

And a LOT of claims with nothing to back it up. 2 year old companies shouldn't brag about their "lifetime warranty." A lot of claims about the superior wake with nothing backing it up.

My guess is it will be a fail boat. I like the idea and inovation, but I wouldn't stake my money on it.

mhunter 02-08-2012 6:59 AM

How much does it cost? As a start up company with a completely different design I would think they would have to offer some deep deals to get them out on the water. I remember when Excelsior Henderson motorcycles came out. They were hyped for 4 years before ever having a test drivable unit. The production bike was horrible to ride and cost was a lot higher than the time proven HD models . They went belly up shortly after they hit the street. There will have to be some big incentives to take a chance on a unproven builder.

stepintoliquid 02-08-2012 8:19 AM

It's not a bad looking boat. But judging by the people it's getting built by (which is judging a book by its cover, which is wrong), they don't know much about the wakeboard market....

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