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brian_young 02-06-2012 10:34 PM

Continous shooting speed
Looking at DSLR's. How fast is fast enough to capture wakeboarding? I've shot with a Canon 7d, which has 8 fps. I really liked the camera, but not sure the price tag is what I'm looking for, or even need.

Walt 02-07-2012 7:46 PM

Unless your planning on doing a lot of sequence shots don't worry about the FPS. Learn how to shoot at the right time and only take one shot.

brian_young 02-07-2012 8:06 PM

I would like the option of doing sequence shoots, how fast is minimal for a good sequence? The ones my buddy did using the 7D was 6 to 7 frames. Not sure is he used every frame.

Also, I want others on the boat to be able to shot while I ride or drive. A higher FPS would take some of the learning curve out for them. Just not sure how high I need.

ta_barracus 02-08-2012 4:35 PM

You can pickup a used 40 or 50D and get 6.5 frames a second which should be plenty fast enough.

brian_young 02-09-2012 2:31 PM

Wanting to have video option as well, with the 40 or 50D it's not an option. I'm torn between not worrying about sequence shots and going with the 550D. The 60D, at a little over 5 fps may be work, or going all out with the 7D.

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