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supratweaked 02-05-2012 8:38 AM

Shipping Costs to Australia
Anyone have an idea what shipping would cost from California to Victoria, Australia for a 21' boat with trailer?


brycejb328 02-05-2012 9:01 AM

Check on www.uship.com

The plus side of the boat being in California, the cost to get the boat to port will be significantly less than any other location

ixfe 02-05-2012 11:37 AM

It's about $5,000 in shipping alone. But there are other costs associated with bringing the boat into Australia once it arrives (something like $5 - $6k in taxes, duties, etc.).

tyler97217 02-05-2012 11:49 AM

Ixfe is correct. Just hot a quote of $5300 from the west coast. I can refer you to the shipperif you want. I have used them before and worked out good

supratweaked 02-05-2012 2:09 PM

Thanks for the info. DBc and Diggs.


Please send me the shipper information.


motogod77 02-05-2012 8:35 PM

We have used primary freight for all of the boats we have exported over, primaryfreight.com, and have had great service everytime!

FrankJohnson 02-06-2012 1:00 AM

hey mate do a search on here
a heap of the guys on there have done it and you should be able to find all the info you need

tyler97217 02-06-2012 6:26 AM

Here is the company I have used a few times... They are a broker and can handle it all for you. They don't put it in a container. They trailer it into the belly of a boat and it goes with all the new cars that are being exported to China and Australia. Probably best for you to deliver the boat to port. The boat needs to be winterized, tower folded, guide poles off, and shrinkwrapped.
Ricky Stille
ASF Logistics
17 Park of Commerce Blvd.
Suite 103 Savannah, GA 31405
p. 912 964 4407 f. 912 964 4417

phatboypimp 02-06-2012 9:00 AM

I don't know the costs but I was working with a guy from Australia who wanted to purchase my boat. All I can say is that shipping by container will DRAMATICALLY impact which boat you can buy. If there is another option I would explore it in terms of having some different options.

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