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26lacefield 02-03-2012 4:46 PM

Fly High Triangle Sac INFO ASAP
I'm installing a ballast system in a boat for a friend of mine and I need info on the Fly High triangle front sac. His boat is here in Cali. with me but the front triangl sac is in Floirda with him. I needed to know the locations of the fill/drain ports on that sac. If I remember right there is 2 on the top( one in the front and one in the rear) and also one in the rear back side of the sac. I'm running all the lines for him so he just has to plug the sac in when the boat gets to him. I've looked for pics online but can't find any forsure pics.

Thanks, Ryan

ryanw209 02-03-2012 5:07 PM

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Are you talking the 1000+lb sac?

durty_curt 02-03-2012 5:20 PM

Yeah I have one of those. It looks exactly like the one pictured above. the fill plug is on top as pictured above. And the two drains are on the oth er end and also below the filling plug.

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