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sixx352 02-03-2012 4:11 PM

2012 Tige RZ3 wave questions
So I got to check out the RZ3 today at Lucky Peak in Idaho and it was the first run for the boat with this shop. Has anyone had a chance to play with this wave? We tried the stock setup and it wasn't that great even with the trim tabs which is not unusually for any boat stock. Then we added a 450lbs in the side in front of the back port locker and it helped it out but I still think the RZ2 wave is better so far. The boat shop owner said it might have the wrong prop on it and I think Tige told him to try the 537 prop. It had a bad rooster tail for awhile but we got most of it gone with some tweaks but still wasn't there like I thought it should be. I'm sure more people in the boat will be better there was only 4 of us testing it out. Hard to get more people to go with 40 air and 38 water temp with a wind chill lol. I'm sure I will be able to figure it out but just thought someone else could help me out on it. It also had a ridge right in the middle of the wave almost like a Epic wave but not as bad as that Epic wave. Overall the boat itself is amazing love the style of this one in Boise just need some wave help right now. I'm sure someone that was with us had pics or video of the wave but I was either in the water getting blue balls or covered up like a eskimo in the boat.

guma 02-03-2012 9:02 PM

What was the stock ballast setup? The have 3 different ballast configurations from the factory.

ragboy 02-04-2012 10:20 AM

If it is the pro setup, 2300 lbs of ballast, fill up surf corner all the way, and maybe add the sacs to surf side like you did, fill up front on surf side, and then fill up the other side corner til you are about at 7 deg list at rest. Ours is being built, so we don't have tons of experience yet, but you cannot weight this boat like the RZ2. The RZ2 wants the rub rail buried, this boat doesn't like that much list, and it kinda goes against what you are probably used to, I know it did for me. Once we got it dialed, the wave was a great shape and according to RJ and Dennis had "ridiculous" amounts of push.

Once we get ours and play with it more, we will be able to give more feedback.

The RZ4 also needs weight on the opposite side, less list than the RZ2. Hope that helps.

duffymahoney 02-04-2012 2:08 PM

Anyone ever install a sort of list gauge?

dennish 02-04-2012 4:48 PM

iPhone has an app for that.

duffymahoney 02-04-2012 5:25 PM

any actual gauges? I think that would be really cool and would totally help with keeping a consistent wave! I have an old toyota 4 runner that had one on the dash. I have never seen another like it though.

ynoino 02-04-2012 5:57 PM

Used to use these on sailboats a lot. Lev-o-gauge They just stick on where ever you want to put it.


West Marine has them on their site too.

dennish 02-04-2012 6:13 PM

The nice thing with the iPhone app is it gives you a digital reading and front to back slope as well.

duffymahoney 02-04-2012 6:33 PM

Yeah a digital gauge that isn't an iphone would be sweet!

ragboy 02-04-2012 6:47 PM

This is what I use, it show on all axis, I set it on the fiberglass near wear the ski tow on a tig would be.


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