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curtbernstein 02-03-2012 9:59 AM

Sick video no longer online :(
The Wake Place.com at one point produced some really cool stuff, but unfortunately they are no longer pumping out videos... There's a number of videos that they had on their website that are no longer available to watch online... and it bums me out bcz some of them were damn good. A vimeo/youtube upload to seal them in time would do just fine as most of them are no longer available anywhere!

Some of their videos are here:


...But not the one I'm thinking about

The particular video I'd love to see again is "Davies, Shapiro, Carne"... It features a sick boat day with all three dudes killing it. Definitely some of the more recent Shapiro footage that I think should be available for everyone to see again! The song they used in the edit was "House of Cards" by Radiohead.

Anyone out there remember this video?

It was riktor.

TheHebrewHammer 02-03-2012 4:08 PM

I'd like to see this as well. I love Shapiro's riding, but I have a really hard time finding footage of him.

curtbernstein 02-06-2012 7:58 AM

The shaprio riding in this vid is sick. I recall him doing a heelside front to blind massive into the flats.. not a trick you see very often behind the boat...! Another trick that specifically i remember from this video is davies heelside shifty/glide to frontside 360 into flats = haard as nails.

timmo 02-11-2012 7:35 AM

I remember it... Nick building things up nicely on his first generation Hyperlite Clash that people had been moaning was slow in the watrer- not with Nick on it wasn't!, Sam Carne looking very comfortable (and pulling off some crazy trick right at the end, although what I can't remember), Shapiro just so big it was redonkulous (kinda as usual then...)

Thought I had it in my favourites, sadly not :(

Think about 2 years ago there was an "awesome videos" type thread here on WW, must have been about the time Ryan Taylor put out the Minnesota edit (http://vimeo.com/7146820) because I 200% favourited that straight away :)

timmo 02-11-2012 8:06 AM

I also remembered Nick & Sam did this one with Shaun Faccio around the same time, just cannot believe how big Nick was going...


fletch_tx 03-06-2012 11:47 PM

I've really been wanting to find that same video! I had it in my favorites - it's definitely been taken offline. :(

behindtheboat 03-07-2012 9:19 AM

Likely due to music usage/violations

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