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tn_rider 02-02-2012 5:16 PM

2003 VLX with SV23 hull?
Is this the hull you want? Also, if I wind up with it, is there a flyhigh system that can be purchased for these? I'd like an automatic system with 750's in the rear (if possible) and however much I can get in the front. Is this possible? Has 390 hrs on it. Is 25-30k a reasonable price range for this year? Asking 29 for it but idk if that's too much. It's IMMACULATE with one small scratch. Interior is in immaculate condition as well. Has a color matched tandem axle trailer as well. Has perfect pass with the 2010 module. 2 outlet heater, table, wedge, and the thing that keeps wind from coming through the cabin. Also had the 335 monsoon motor. Only other question I have is will this motor get that weight to plane? Idk what prop is on it at the moment.
Thanks for any help guys! This forum is the most helpful forum I've ever been on!


brycejb328 02-02-2012 5:32 PM

That IS the hull you want for that year of boat... I think the SV25 wake hull started in 2005.

You can easily piggy back off the stock system on the rear bags...

and yes, that price is a little high. You can find an immaculate boat that is older for over 10K less, that does ALL the same stuff that boat does, (wake, engine, interior set-up, etc....). For instance a sunsetter VLX or a litte older Wakesetter VLX

I have seen the boat that I suspect you are talking about advertised since October. Its a tough price range to be in. The boat is at the PEAK of its price range for that era. Meaning you go a couple years newer and your looking at a completely different boat. In terms of Malibu.

johnny_defacto 02-02-2012 5:34 PM

yes yes and yes.

My buddy had same exact boat. plumbed in 750's in the rear and a huge bow sack (800?) on top of whatever stock ballast. The wake was sooooo sick. he did not have a wedge though. That 335 easily got it up on plane and held speed. he had some PP issues so we drove it by hand most of the time. We are at approx 800' above sea level, so elevation was not an issue.

He sold his with 900 hours, but took it in the rear because he had to sell it asap. I think he sold it for 18 or 19. 29 seems high but I don't know whats out there as far as used boats.

great boat, great wake.

tn_rider 02-02-2012 6:22 PM

I was thinking about taking te rear wedge tanks out for the nags, is this what I need to do? Or did they leave the tanks in and just fill the bags next to them?

shawndoggy 02-02-2012 6:23 PM

replace tanks with 750s. Gives much more storage too.

tn_rider 02-02-2012 6:24 PM

Also, any way to use stock pumps? Or will I need different fittings?

boarder82 02-03-2012 6:08 AM

We have the same boat. Wakemakers.com sells a kit that replaces the rear hard tanks with 750 lbs fly high sacs. The kit comes with all the hoses and fittings you need. Very easy install...

jeff_mn 02-03-2012 8:05 AM

Is this the black Chicago boat? I think he's asking "top dollar" but it seems clean.. Good luck man - the SV23 is the hull.. Sick wake

augie_09 02-03-2012 8:57 AM

Does that boat have a midship ballast? can't recall if it was optional or stock that year.

I have an 08 vride, same hull, and it came with the 500lb midship, no rears. We added fully plumbed with dash switches, 400lb fly highs in each rear locker. With just these and the midship full, the wake is great. We have a wedge, but don't always use it. If you go with 750's, you'll definitely want more than just 500 midship.

Like others have said, that price is high for an 03.

tn_rider 02-03-2012 11:23 AM

I was thinking I was going to go ahead and get the 1000# triangle bow sack as well.

tn_rider 02-03-2012 11:28 AM

And yes this is the Chicago boat. I'm keeping it for years and seems to be taken care of the way I would take care of my own.

jeff_mn 02-03-2012 1:08 PM


Originally Posted by tn_rider (Post 1729717)
And yes this is the Chicago boat. I'm keeping it for years and seems to be taken care of the way I would take care of my own.

Clean looking boat. Good luck!

nitrousbird 02-04-2012 8:57 AM

About 5k high on price...more like 6-7k high for this time of year.

joeshmoe 02-04-2012 4:08 PM

why are they selling the boat?I was looking at the 03 and 04 from 25k to 34k and chose to spend several extra k's to get the newer 05 VLX which has a bigger wake for surfing. I am sure I would have loved the 03 or 04, but how soon would I have wanted to upgrade?

brycejb328 02-04-2012 4:16 PM

exactly my thoughts on this year/price of boat... ^^

brycejb328 02-07-2012 9:07 PM

you pull the trigger on it??

tn_rider 02-08-2012 6:52 AM

Not yet. The owner has been more than cooperative with me, offering compression test and gave notice to anything to his knowledge that was wrong with the boat. After hearing the input you guys had I've kept my search going. If any of you guys have input kn boats you know of, or have seen for sale let me know!!! Wanting to keep my price under 32k. I'm partial to nautiques and Malibu but will look at anything!! Keep in mind I'm keeping the boat for years. Has to be a v drive and nothing under 21ft. I ride a few times every week so PP and ballast are a must! Would like a good stereo but can add that afterward. Thanks guys!


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