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07-30-2001 11:05 AM

Like eveyone else I want to get more air. I read everything and try try try. What are the limits? Check my profile. Not great form in this shot, but it shows what I am getting off my bayliner's wake. Can I get more??? If so how much? Is twice as high possible? I am landing on the second wake at the rope length I am using. Shorting it would put me in the flats, but I want to work it where I have it since I am close. Can anyone tell me if working on my form will get me there or am I limited by my current wake size? Which is the major factor? Wake size or form?

07-30-2001 12:00 PM

wake size is important. alot of people I see in my area go just a lil slow to have a bigger wake, but what they don't understand is that the wake gets mushier when you slow down. get a fat boy if you don't want to load your boat down, if you do then go ahead and get a lot of weight in the boat, that will allow you wake to stay bigger at faster speeds with a crisper wake. Timing is the key to air though, but bigger wake, bigger air...direct relationship

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