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adeguzman 02-02-2012 8:07 AM

Driving from Orlando to Northern Cali...Lets ride!
I'm graduating film school March 2nd and on the 5th me my girlfriend and dog are gonna be heading home. Going to be taking the 75 north to the 10 west and looking to find some people to ride with, so if you're not too far off hit me up. I plan on making a video of the whole trip so the more places I can ride the better. I've got a winch so if you know of some spots lets hit em up. I know I'll be stopping at TSR for a day so if ride and do some filming lets meet up. If you have a boat or ski I'll have some gas. Pretty much looking for some people to ride/ film with and make this a road trip I'll never forget. I didn't get to do it the way I wanted on the way out here so I wanna do this one right. Its a long drive (especially since I'll be towing a Uhaul this time) and I know my girlfriend and dog would like to get out of the car as much as possible. I wakeskate and wakeboard so I am open to riding with anyone, I'm also looking for some good skateparks so if you know any let me know. Hit me up!


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