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schmidty147 01-31-2012 10:13 PM

Grandparent Scam FYI
More of an FYI for the older folks in your family. I am a college student and probably speak with my grandparents once a week so they rarely know my schedule. Today, I was cooking dinner in my kitchen when my dad called me in a panic wondering where I was.

My grandparents received a call from a Chicago prison with a fake "me" on the other line. The caller was sort of crying, and eventually asked my grandparents for money to help bail me out. The caller sobbed and told them to not tell my parents that I was in trouble bc my parents would kill me. Well, my grandparents are old school and they MoneyGrammed $7,000 to some pr*k who faked as me. After a few hours of not hearing from me since sending the money, they contacted my parents who then got ahold of me.

I feel terrible for them bc they are effectively out $7000, but its also hard for me to comprehend how they didn't ask questions. I researched it and this is actually a common occurrence and the callers seem very legitimate....so inform your folks

ttrigo 02-01-2012 9:13 AM

My parents got this same call regarding one of my dads older grandkids. He did not wire any money, but was a little confused and contacted everyone to make sure they were ok.
People suck.

psudy 02-01-2012 12:51 PM

If my grandparents were still alive, they would have said "You stay put and learn your lesson, and stop your damn crying!"

ilikebeaverandboats 02-01-2012 1:02 PM

Yup, these guys seem to do their research as well....I have a buddy who is big into mountaineering and climbing, his grandparents got a call saying he was in peru and was in a climbing accident on a spontaneous trip he went on, needed money for medical attention. They double checked, but still, seems like this is happening a lot more....

wakeboardingdad 02-01-2012 6:58 PM


Originally Posted by psudy (Post 1729265)
If my grandparents were still alive, they would have said "You stay put and learn your lesson, and stop your damn crying!"

Funny stuff

09-06-2013 11:20 PM

My Grandfather got a call yesterday from someone pretending to be my brother and his lawyer saying Grandfather needed to wire a large sum of money to Montreal because my bro had been in a car accident. Thankfully, no money was lost but many Grandparents have fallen prey to scamming issue.

What makes the elderly more vulnerable to this kind of crime?

Check this out!

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