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bazel 08-19-2003 7:32 PM

I have a small crack in my bellows, on my I/O. This keep the drive shaft dry. I am wondering if anyone knows of any kinda of spray of something to patch it temporarily. I want to try to make it last thru my VK, because the work on this will take a few weeks. <BR> <BR>Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! <BR> <BR>Thanks

salty87 08-21-2003 6:25 AM

maybe some of the stuff you fix drysuit leaks with. go to a diveshop or even a sporting goods store and ask for aquaseal. it's a clear sealant/adhesive that is also very flexible, comes in a tube.

wakescene 08-21-2003 8:11 AM

If you have a crack in your bellows, get the boat out of the water ASAP!!! <BR> <BR>If you get water up to the Gimble Bearing, it will turn to toast in about a week, then you are out a ton of money getting it fixed. If it is truly a cracked bellows, is should be replaces anyway, and you will have to take the boat out of the water for the repair. <BR> <BR>Call around, this time in the season, there are shops looking for work and you should be able to get the boat in and out in a few days. <BR> <BR>KG

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