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fman 01-29-2012 8:25 AM

Supra automatic seat height adjustment
Does anyone have any information on the Supra automatic seat height adjuster and who makes this? The VLX seat is very low, and it would be a great modification to be able to adjust the seat at the touch of a button. This was one of my dislikes about the VLX, its difficult for my wife (and myself who is 6' 1") to see over the bow even with the bolster up when we she is towing someone.

I have tried to search the internet but have found nothing on who produces this seat mechanism and if it would be do-able to install on the Malibu VLX.

Here is a link of the adjuster in action on the Launch 242.


tyler97217 01-29-2012 4:14 PM

Not sure, but checked it out at the boat show. Pretty cool feature and I think it is standard...

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