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wetneck 01-23-2012 7:36 PM

98 & 99 air nautique
I'm looking at a couple air nautique 98 and 99 and they are quite cheap I was wondering are there any known issues with any of these years ??

mhunter 01-24-2012 5:47 AM

Try Planetnautique and CorrectCraftFan forums I'm sure you will get all your questions answered there.

dud77 01-26-2012 6:59 AM

I had a 99 super air. Best most reliable boat I've ever owned. The factory ballast sucked but was pretty easy to modify. Perfect pass will need to be installed. That's easy as well. Reprop it call "OJ". Once those are lined out the PCM never breaks down, oil changes are a little tough due to the limited room in the back. I put 600 hours on mine over a 5 year period and never had an issue at all. The guy that bought it from me still keeps in touch and he hasn't had any issues.

The wakeboard wake is the best wake ever but it's not a wake for beginners not sure how much experience you have but it's steep. I loved it but it takes more timing than most wakes. Since it's a smaller boat you will need to move people around in the boat to keep the wake clean on both sides. The surf wake is OK not the best but again that's a smaller boat.

The interior is pretty basic but nice. The boat itself is very small any more than 6 adults and your going feel cramped.

I bought an X-star (love it as well) for more room but I would say right now I liked the nautique a little better.

chexi 01-27-2012 2:33 PM

I had a 99 Air Nautique for 3 years until about May of last year when I sold it. That boat was 100% solid while I owned it. The wake is better on the Super Airs for wakeboaring, but with enough weight you can get a very good wake. Surfing is also possible, but the cabin will have a lot of sacs. Search my name (chexi) on Planetnautique.com. I still miss that boat.

The 99 is better than the 98 in my opinion because the bow layout is better. That is the only difference. Try to find one with a 2nd gen flight control tower instead of the first one, which is harder to fold and had problems with its welds breaking.

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