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ryand121 01-21-2012 6:40 PM

Guys running two Wetsounds 485's...?
What are you guys running your 485's with? How do you like the amps? Im currently running mine with two Zapco REF 750.2 one for each 485, and they scream. Just curious what everyone else is using...

bruizza 01-22-2012 12:14 AM

We run syn 2s to ours. 700w to each 485 .

hunter660 01-22-2012 8:29 AM

Not enough, I have an old SoundStream Rubicon 502 running at 2Ohm. I came close to buying a Zed Leviathan before the last price increase, wish I had went ahead and pulled the trigger.

h20king 01-22-2012 9:07 AM

We run an arc audio ks 300.4 bridged at 4 ohms for 350 watts RMS to each 485 and they scream.cant imagine what 700w would sound like

david_e_m 01-22-2012 1:00 PM

We routinely run a pair of Pro485s with either a single bridged Wetsounds Syn4 or a single JL Audio HD750/1. Either comes very close to the Pro485s full output ability. We have run a dedicated HD750/1 to each Pro485 and were well into dynamic compression before we could use all 1500 watts of power.
Past a certain point as dynamic compression begins to come into play you will no longer get that expected 3 dB of extra output as you continue to double the power. You will hit the wall. And you will risk thermal damage.
The HD750/1 is strictly regulated power so its a conservative 750+ watts under all voltage conditions. In other words it will be equal to most 1000 watt RMS amplifiers with a 12.5 volt supply.
Keep in mind that this is a very efficient speaker with fullrange 8-inch midbass drivers and not heavy sluggish subs that may have larger coils, heavier coils and longer coils, etc. So 400 watts a speaker goes a long way in this case.
There are other elements in the signal path that may be as effective in creating more headroom such as good preamp voltage, good supply voltage, tuning and so on.
The extra amplifier power is a luxury for dynamic headroom. I could be trusted with it and never have an issue. I wouldn't trust everyone with it.

Earmark Marine

cowwboy 01-22-2012 3:15 PM

I run a pair of arc 300.2's.
I was running a digital designs class a/b 1000w amp but I had heat issues so I went overkill.
Like David said the headroom is nice. Knowing I'm getting the most out of my drivers yet not working the amplifier very hard leaving me with less heat issues.

mikeski 01-22-2012 4:36 PM

I am currently running 2 X Wetsounds Syn2's to my now 6 years old 485's (all original drivers and crossovers). Those who know me also know I don't baby my system. I am on my third round of interior speakers and have blown 9 out of the 12 previous interior tweeters.

This is my third amp setup, had a 250x4 bridged to 500x2 and a 200x4 bridged to 400x2 before that. As I increased interior power and sub power I also stepped up the tower power.

Frankly, the bridged Syn 4 is probably capable of satisfying 95% of the population and capable of driving the speakers to 90% of their potential. Likely the wisest choice from a value standpoint.

nvsairwarrior 01-22-2012 11:22 PM

to the OP, I don't normally comment on WS stuff but being a Zapco dealer I feel confident in posting on this thread. The Reference 750.2 is arguably the best of the reference line from Zapco. However, best is defined by how clean they are, not how much power they have. In reality, the 750.2 will provide about 700RMS watts at 4 ohms Bridged. Based on my experience, this is beyond the upper limit of the 485 if running esentially wide open or minimal head room....Ok for a crossover point about 500 Hz i.e minimal mid bass. If this is your idea of loud then Nirvana for you. Mike on the other hand is running the Arc 300.2's to each, still plenty of headroom at virtually the same power output but not the clean output of the 750.2......but in a boat can many people really telll the dif? Lets see, $300 per 300.2, $700 per 750.2? There's some dif Personally, I run a Zapco 1100.1 to each of my Prodigy tower speaekrs (825 each), kinda pricey, but very clean. Gotta decide what is important to you. I like loud, full range (80Hz - 20KHz), AND clean.

Brendon444 01-24-2012 7:59 PM

Just got my ARC AUDIO ks 600.2 which I plan on running to a set of pro485's or rev485's still havent got a pair yet.
Amp is rated 400x2 4ohm which i'll have to run due to configuration.

but also capable of 600x2 2ohm stereo or 1200x1 4ohm bridged if I ran a different setup.

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