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kybool 01-20-2012 9:41 AM

Style Friday challenge: TS/BS 180
I, like I am sure many of you other fellow office monkeys, look forward each week to spending my Friday about 1/2 absorbed in work, and 1/2 absorbed in any new wakeboard clip I can find online. I have to thank people like Geof Fagien, Norbi Vasco, Trever Maur and many more for hours of entertainment and reverse-productivity.

SO HERE IS THE CONCEPT: Every Friday has a new trick. The challenge is to post the video with the rider who executes the trick with the most style. Maybe not the biggest(but hopefully), maybe not the most well know rider, but the single clip of the 'hammer' of all 'hammers' for this trick.

I did some research and found this thread

I think the TS/BS 180 would be the most appropriate trick to start with, so lets see those clips people!

Next week's trick? Peter Rose? Lets hear your feedback.

flydenrict 01-20-2012 12:07 PM

I like the concept, unfortunately I know I wont have time to remember the coolest TS BS 180 that I've seen recently and then go find the video. Sort of off topic but kind of related, the most stylish trick that I have seen recently is Trevor Maur's wrapped HS FS 540. Its his opening trick in the very recent Axis video with him, Randall, and Dean Smith

kybool 01-20-2012 12:33 PM


jarrod 01-20-2012 1:25 PM

Let me know when the focus is the heel back mobe. Because I'm dying to nominate Josh Twelker. His BM in that last video is amazing.

brhanley 01-20-2012 2:43 PM

As opposed to Monday through Thursday's ratio of 50% work and 50% craigslist?

Not the best t/s back 1's per se, but surrounded by some of the best riding out there (check :49 and 2:04 (not really a back 1, but a shifty rewind kinda deal)):


kybool 01-20-2012 3:25 PM

I would Definitly call :49 one of the most stylish TS/BS 180a I have seen.

baitkiller 01-20-2012 7:54 PM

Can we please refrain from calling a Back Mobe a BM?

Some of us are at the age where the topic of fiber comes up all to frequently.

Thank you,

beretta5spd 01-20-2012 10:39 PM

Haha can totally hear it now in an interview... Ya I started off my second pass with a switch toe 9 and came back in hard for a heel BM

pierem 01-21-2012 8:44 AM

cool contest!!!!

jarrod 01-23-2012 9:16 AM

"Can we please refrain from calling a Back Mobe a BM?

Some of us are at the age where the topic of fiber comes up all to frequently."

Maybe. Some of us are at the age where we hate typing the same long word twice also. :-)

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