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patrick232 01-18-2012 5:52 AM

Bottom Paint
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I just purchased a 2006 Moomba LSV and currently waiting to repaint the bottom before I pick it up. The boat had bottom paint on when new, and now it's due for a repaint. I will be painting it black and can't decide to follow the water line as before or take the bottom paint up higher in the bow.
What do you guys think?

newty 01-18-2012 6:02 AM

May as well cover all the white if your going to do it. Looks a bit more finished that way. Why not have the bottom paint just removed?

srock 01-18-2012 6:51 AM

Are you leaving it in the water? If not I would take it all the way up with something more permanent than anti fouling paint.

ncsuuh 01-18-2012 9:09 AM

I would have it removed altogether. Bottom paint is geared towards larger boats in the 30+ ft range that are not easy to trailer and spend most of the time in the water. Bottom paint also increases drag and therefor increases fuel consumption.

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