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john211 01-17-2012 1:56 PM

Can a metal-building's garage door be re-sized.
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I am looking to purchase a property which has this building on it. It has a 28 feet by 30 foot floor plan, with this garage door that is 7 feet high and 16 feet wide. It also appears to have about an 8 foot ceiling inside the building.

Is it possible for me to have this garage door replaced with a 10 foot high garage door (I haven't measured, but I am assuming I can put my boat with tower up through a 10 foot high garage door).

If so, are there any guesses as to about what cost?

jeff_mn 01-17-2012 2:46 PM

The door size you will most likely have no problem with. The ceiling height is another story. You would have to have some serious fabrication with the trusses/framing and although I'm not an engineer - I don't think it would be safe or feasbile to convert it to 10 foot all the way through.

Someone above my pay grade will help - but I think the response will be that the door alone could be done but 10 foot ceilings throughout would require you to have an entire roof structure replaced (essentially leaving the pad and walls and putting a new top on it, along with internal ceiling, etc.

johnny_jr 01-17-2012 2:47 PM

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There is a truss like this behind there. plus bellow it is a header to support the 16 foot opening for the garage. Odds are you can go up a little (inches) but not much. Due to design variations I would get a contractor or better year a framer or framing company out to give you a professional opinion.

short answer No, without out lots of $$$.

pc_sledge 01-17-2012 2:54 PM

Jonathan, with money anything is possible. However, i doubt you would be able to get a 10 ft door into this building without completely reframing the entire roof. I'm assuming it is built with engineered trusses, so getting to an elevation higher than the bottom of your truss elevation would get into some very costly reframing. Call an overhead door company and i'm sure one would give you a free quote on how high you could go without getting into some serious reframing work. I'm sure you could fit an 8 footer but you would probably get into a custom ordered door to eek out some extra inches beyond that. It takes a 12 ft door for my boat with tower up. You may have to go to an 8 footer even to get it in with the tower folded down.

bmock50 01-17-2012 3:02 PM

What about building up the foundation of the building and just have the door go down farther? Just a thought.

816 01-17-2012 6:06 PM

raising the foundation would also have you doing some extra work to the side entry door (porch with steps etc.). I'm no engineer, but with trusses and the header right above the door the only solution I can see is raising the roof. May require some I-beams and jacks. Just a thought. either way a lot of work. GOOD LUCK.

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