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Chris_JR 01-14-2012 9:27 PM

Our New 244 Enzo
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Just picked up the new boat today. Heading to the stereo shop on Monday. Can't wait to get it out on the water!

Chris_JR 01-14-2012 9:29 PM

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more pics

Chris_JR 01-14-2012 9:32 PM

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816 01-14-2012 9:42 PM

very nice rig and boat.
Glad to see the Fulton jack on the trailer ( BEST investment I made).

Woody 01-15-2012 6:47 AM

That's a sick boat for sure, good luck with her.

surfdoggy 01-15-2012 7:33 AM

Nice set up. Man are you gonna have some fun come spring.

dougr 01-15-2012 7:46 AM

What is the plan for the stereo?

Soulcraft 01-15-2012 7:56 AM

It's Beautiful..... Congrats..

inland_surfer 01-15-2012 8:22 AM

Wow !

lakesurfer 01-15-2012 8:26 AM

Very Nice. You are going to love it!

01-15-2012 11:25 AM

Beautiful, nice rig! It's like giving the finger to the whole occupy movement?

wofrankwo 01-15-2012 8:12 PM


Doing it in Style!!

gnarslayer 01-15-2012 8:18 PM

sickest enzo iv seen

durty_curt 01-15-2012 8:47 PM

those are the biggest gas guzzlers I've ever seen! Awesome !

ragboy 01-15-2012 11:57 PM

Not gonna lie, that's a pretty sick looking boat man. I love the pictures from the back of the walkthrough. This just looks really cool:


tonyv420 01-16-2012 2:18 PM

very nice! just spent about a hour lounging in one just like this at the Portland boat show! Enjoy!

Riteride 01-16-2012 2:36 PM

That is one sexy boat..

bcrider 01-16-2012 3:54 PM

Are those LED's right beside the cup holders on the rear? are they for Nav ?

Chris_JR 01-16-2012 6:28 PM

Thanks everyone, I'm looking forward to taking it out.
@ Doug- One of my sponsors, Insane Kustomz, is going to do of all of the stereo work; I will post pictures whenever it is complete!
@Dave- No, they're actually vents.

jbkriss 02-01-2012 1:48 PM

Awesome looking boat. Congratulations.

sd_wakesports 02-01-2012 2:14 PM

Very NICE!!!

Chris_JR 03-08-2012 7:01 PM

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Just got these pictures in from Insane Kustomz of the audio / lighting install

Chris_JR 03-17-2012 8:40 AM

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Here are a few from Insane Kustomz and Treo Engineering. These are pictures of the amp boxes. One of the things that I asked is that we not lose any ballast or storage space. Insane Kustomz came up with a very creative design. Hopefully we will have the finished product later this weekend and I can post some pictures of the finished install.

ragboy 03-17-2012 12:35 PM

So the amps are going to be installed in the side seat? Am I seeing that right? Can't quite tell.

dougr 03-17-2012 1:23 PM

Are they going to be water tight.

timmyb 03-17-2012 2:21 PM

Nice looking setup you've got there! That boat looks huge with the graphics done like that! Congrats!

Chris_JR 03-18-2012 6:04 PM

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Here are the pictures of the finished install. It sounds even better than it looks.

@ragboy - yea, the amp boxes are built into the side wall under the seats. They did this in a way that we only lost about 4 inches of ballast space.

@dougr - everything is sealed up and water tight

Chris_JR 03-18-2012 6:06 PM

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Chris_JR 03-18-2012 6:11 PM

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more pictures

ragboy 03-18-2012 7:07 PM

ok, not gonna lie, my pants are tight. I want a personal demo of that system when I come down. That setup with the clear boxes is just way too sick. It better sound good because that looks amazing.

tmill 03-19-2012 7:19 AM

that has to be one of the coolest stereo installs around. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is going to be copied once or twice.

duffymahoney 03-19-2012 9:16 AM

What tower speakers are those?

Chris_JR 03-19-2012 11:15 AM

Thanks guys,
@Duffy- The speakers in the cans right now are basic treo speakers, I don't know the specifics. We have more tower speakers on the way, also treo. I will post more pictures of them whenever they get installed.

wofrankwo 03-19-2012 12:47 PM

That is one Beautiful Amazing Boat!! Sure hope I get to see it!!

Chaos 03-19-2012 12:57 PM

Can't wait to see that beast this weekend. It is looking so awesome.

ralph 03-20-2012 5:32 PM

Sorry, that boat should be illegal its toooo hot.

cragrat 03-20-2012 5:51 PM

Incredibly beautiful boat. Congratulations!

TroyD 03-21-2012 6:00 AM

Incredibly classy. Lots of guys go over the top but this is sublime, poetically beautiful, yet worthy of awe! Good job! Lose the Hummer tow vehicle though, makes you look like a douchebag!

duramat 03-21-2012 9:30 AM

Game over.

I think bro.. you just became the garanteed winner and we are the official losers LOL
Cheese and Rice thats beautiful, hot damn beautiful.

Chris_JR 03-26-2012 7:23 PM

Thanks again guys! I had it at the Shredstixx/Slayshtank video shoot this weekend, and it throws a massive wave. The police also gladly informed us that the stereo far exceeds the maximum sound output, allowed by the sound ordinance on Lake Austin; the flashing multi-colored LED's didn't help us out either...

wofrankwo 03-27-2012 12:56 AM

Too Cool for School!!

ericlassiter 04-26-2012 12:56 PM

are you hiring?

i'd like to do whatever it is that you do.

incredible boat and set up you have there!

tonyv420 04-26-2012 2:01 PM

That is the best looking stereo install ever!! sweet ride man!!

Chris_JR 04-27-2012 8:34 PM

Thanks guys, we've been out quite a bit lately and it rides great!

sd_wakesports 04-29-2012 7:26 AM

Looks great Chris!

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