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BCPMike0663 01-11-2012 4:28 PM

Casino 580 (Nor Cal) Poker
I have been really bummed lately because my local card game dryed up and no more online play. I noticed they opened up a card club one exit down from my house in dublin. I was wondering if anyone has been there? They have a 25 dollar no limit tournament on saturday and sundays I am going to try and get to it this weekend just to see what it is like.

I try and get to Black Oak and play when I am up at Tulloch but that is a pretty good drive and usually involves bowling and other stuff. Hopefully this will be something fun close to home.

buffalow 01-11-2012 5:10 PM

Yhea I saw that, but have not checked it out. There are some serious card players in Manteca and Turlock that can even get you to the WSOP. I have a couple of buddies that were real close to a full ride through little $20 satellites there. Keep in mind that many of these rooms that the players there this is their jobs. They look for mediocre players and pounce. Put me in a house game and I'll kill most of the time, in those card rooms I really have to work to make final tables. That is good for my skills, bad for my pocketbook.

BCPMike0663 02-19-2012 8:53 PM

Finnally made it over to this place today. Overall pretty nice. Obviously everything is brand new. It is smaller inside then it looks from the outside. The staff was really friendly but you can tell they are still working out the kinks. There were a lot of dealer errors. They have quite a few tables but can't run them all until they get their liscense changed. They saud they usually have 3 6 and 6 12 limit holdem and 3 to 200 spread limit holdem which is basically no limit. They can't hav no limit because of city regulations. I played in the no limit tourney which I guess is legal. It was 30 dollars to play and you could add on for another 20. There were 22 players. The play was pretty bad. The lady next to me was watching limitless on here iPhone while playing. I ended up chopping for first with one other person. But I didn't feel i really played well. I got lucky in a few spots and whatched some people call all ins for all their chips with top pair weak kicker. The bar looked nice. If you got time to kill it is cool place to check out. I just hope they get some of the bugs worked out.

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