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timmyb 01-11-2012 9:19 AM

2012 Denver Boat Show - Jan 13-15
The Denver boat show is this weekend and if you live in the area, you should definitely go check it out! They will also be having a Broncos tailgate party on Saturday night with the Broncos and Patriots game on a 30' screen. This is good because if the game sucks, you can just look at boats. :D All of the major mfr's are there including:
  • Tige - including the new Z3
  • Malibu - including the new MXZ
  • Mastercraft
  • Nautique
  • Moomba - including the new Mojo 2.5
  • Supra
  • MB Sports
  • Axis

Mile High Wakeboarding is also there with their winch setup so that should be pretty cool to check out as well. Have fun!

bruizza 01-11-2012 10:06 AM

We will be there on Saturday!

cwb4me 01-11-2012 10:08 AM

Sounds like you have a excellent selection.Everyone should enjoy the show!

h2oskier14 01-11-2012 11:34 AM

I'll be there, stop by the Liquid Powersports booth and say hi!!

alans 01-11-2012 5:07 PM

We are looking forward to the show too. I am so glad that we dodged the snow today by moving on Tuesday.

We have the new X2 in the show and all of the details on the new X-30 and the new X-Star

bruizza 01-13-2012 2:38 PM

Headed down there now. I will be in the MHMG booth giving away free Charge Harder swag. Stop by and say hi.

bruizza 01-17-2012 2:12 PM

So how did things go for everyone at the show? Seemed like a ton of people were there on Saturday!

timmyb 01-17-2012 2:17 PM

Were you in the booth with Kraig the whole time? I talked to Kraig for at least 10 minutes on Friday night.

bruizza 01-17-2012 3:02 PM

I was in there from 4:30 until just after 8. I had on an orange polo shirt.

alans 01-17-2012 3:03 PM

Saturday was packed leading up to the Bronco's game, then it became a ghost town.

bruizza 01-17-2012 3:05 PM

I left around 2:30 on Saturday. It was slammed when I left.

timmyb 01-17-2012 3:09 PM

Think I missed ya. There was an ok sized crowd on Friday night, would like to have seen more people there.

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