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kme3113 01-09-2012 8:44 AM

Just trying to get pointed in the right direction
I had been waiting for a while to pull the trigger on a nice camera and finally did about two months ago and want to stay away from the Auto Setting. I got a nikon d7000 with the kit lens but have been shooting with a AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G in aperature priority mode lately to try and get some good pics of my 2 year old with some bokeh. I have just read the digital photography book by scott Kelby which I have seen people advise. I still do not seem to be getting any decent pictures compared to what I have seen you guys post on here. I have been shooting with the iso around 200 when outside and switiching to 800 when indoors. I avoid the flash if possible and try to shoot with a lower F stop but then my son moves and a blurry picture is what I get. If i leave auto focus on it seems that it always focus's on his eye farthest from me instead of the closest. I have tried changing the focus points but not sure if it even matters. I try to shoot indoor with the blinds open so I have some natural light and then make sure to adjust the white balance setting for the proper bulb types I am shooting under inside. I am not sure if the pictures I see posted are all cleaned up in photoshop and color corrected or come out of the camera that way. I always have to make sure and shoot some pictures in automode though so I will be sure to have some keepers although its dissapointing. Any help would be appreciated and when I look at the dog photo's thread I am blown away by some the of the detail you guys get just shooting around the house!

Walt 01-10-2012 5:45 PM

Post a example of the problems your having.

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