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chasemac 01-08-2012 7:56 PM

Slingshot Lyman Board
Has anybody had a chance to ride this board yet?... I currently ride his LF board and love it, but was interested in trying his new board... Unfortunately it's hard to get my hands on one without actually buying it... How does it ride compared to his LF shape? any feedback would be awesome!

logan 01-09-2012 12:05 AM

I just rode mine for the first time today. I have the 144 and I use Slingshot D3 boots. I came from a recoil so this board is a big change of pace for me. I haven't ridden in over a year until today so take it for what it is worth.

As far as speed goes the board is VERY fast and holds it's edge all the way through the wake, it stays on track well and the shape of the bottom helps it to get back on track in sketchy landings (which I had plenty of today).

I didn't take any huge hits off the wake today but popping this board is effortless. It doesn't need to be loaded up like a typical slingshot board, i noticed some jumps that were catching me off guard because the board wants to pop big even when I didn't try to. Also a lot of w2w jumps were going out farther than planned, too. The board just wants to go BIG.

Believe it or not this board does still flex. That was one this I was concerned with because I went from a Ronix One to a SlingShot Recoil and now the Lyman. I didn't want to lose out on flex, anybody who rides a SS can vouch that these boards provide softer landings than any other boards on the market right now. I was stoked to see that I still got that signature SlingShot landing with the Lyman.

I rode his LF shape and loved the pop, speed and edge hold but I didn't like the harder impact landings compared to my Recoil.

If you ride his LF shape you will like the SS shape, you will get big pop and awesome control, while also getting great speed, edge hold, super soft landings and rock solid durability.

Besides even you don't like the ride, your money goes to a good cause, win win for me.

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