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BurtonSnol3order 01-07-2012 5:36 PM

HS Backroll video help
Skip to 0:45 in the video for the jump

My thoughts... please chime in on what else I need to work on.
---My cut out is too much on my back foot. I'm still getting used to more rocker on the board and several times i've just had the front of the board plow in the water sending me over the front of the board.

---My cut in seems pretty good. Progressive and handle is close and stuck on my hip

---In the air I think it looks alright. Handle is close, legs are tucked up helping the rotation.

---The landing pretty much sucks. I am landing with the handle off my hip and as a result my board is perpendicular to the wake and as a result I let go of the rope.

What can I do to get more airtime and land with the board going a little more towards the boat instead of sideways. I'm thinking I need to keep the rope on my hip, but I can never seem to make my body do that.. Any other suggestions?


ps. I highly recommend the Casio EX-ZR100 camera. It does the slow mo video with the push of a button in the middle of video. It can also take crazy fast burst mode pictures (40 pictures per second at full resolution)

chillinoj 01-20-2012 8:33 AM

When i watched the video and your cut out was more than enough out, you waited like you should. Cut in seemed solid, let off just a little bit before the slomo, but nothing serious. Your actual flipping motion is a little mexican (front flip) instead of tip over tail, but lot's of riders do it this way. To fix this i focus on putting my right ear to my right shoulder as i take off and literally think of extending the curl of the wake with my board.

On the landing it seemed like you extended your legs to early suggesting you went bigger than you expected, so work on your air awareness, by doing the trick more and just getting used to the feeling. But once again this is fine because it's much better to take this trick bigger and into the flats then coming up short.

It seems like your worried about the angle of your board on the landing and this is the issue. With most tricks the board should be facing the direction on the landing as it did during take off, so this is actually a good thing. I know it's scary cause this is how you catch edges, but let your momentum carry you out into the flats, with slight pressure on your heels, and you'll be fine.

So really you have this trick, if you pause the video at 1:00, you have the trick landed. You're slightly on your heels, but that's easy to recover on. So go out there, have a beer or two (helps with the scared mentality, but doesn't slow down your reactions), tell yourself "no matter what I'm not letting go" and I bet you riding away from a backroll

BurtonSnol3order 01-28-2012 4:47 AM

Well thanks, That's about what I have been thinking and I usually end about the same way and wash out on my heels. I'm thinking you're right on with having too much heel pressure and worrying about catching an edge there. I landed 2 last summer out of about 50 tries and it got a little frustrating and I figured I was doing something wrong... Guess that's what next summer is for.

micbergsma1 03-17-2012 5:18 AM

here's a video of me doing a backroll

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