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ord27 01-05-2012 1:19 PM

flagrant fouling goes viral

it looks like this kid has the makings of an NBA star. here goes.........on a team like the Lakers

I'm sure that Bynum and Odom would be proud

the last few sentences really sum up even these NBA "stars" type of play

yall can have the out of shape, dirty playing Odom back......regardless of what Cuban thinks, the Mavs don't need him

let the trashing begin

jason_ssr 01-05-2012 2:13 PM

Either the hoops in Washington are soft or these people dont know anything about basketball. None of those were that bad, and certainly none were flagrants. In small HS games it is very common to have uncoordinated fat kids outweighing their opponent by triple. Yes, when a 250lb fat guy sticks his arm out, its gonna knock an 80lb kid to the ground. Every one of those calls drew a whistle. Bad reffing is when those things happen at a regular clip and they are all a no call.

calexan 01-05-2012 5:07 PM

Yea, Im pretty sure #34's fat ass couldnt jump off the ground if he tried. What else is he supposed to do to stay competitive???

Run some laps son....

colorider 01-05-2012 10:35 PM

The shove on clip 4 was really the only foul that was on purpose.. The rest were just a case of the players being really ****ty at basketball.
#34 pretty much has no control over his out of shape body and is a clumsy oaf.. He pretty much just sucks at the sport.

polarbill 01-06-2012 1:32 PM

These are 2 really small schools in eastern Washington I am pretty sure. Probably a couple crappy football players who had to play on the bball team so they actually had a team. I didn't see anything that terrible. Like others have said the big guys just look really uncoordinated and were just swinging their arms at the ball.

Way blown out of proportion.

moon 01-07-2012 12:20 AM

Actually, Connell was the 1A State Football Champ this year. They are more known for their football team since I believe they have been to the title game the last three years in a row. Also, both of these boys in question are football players, so I would not say crappy. One of the kids in the film (I believe the heavier kid) was selected as an all state Offensive Lineman. If you are an all state lineman, you've got to be a pretty good athlete with good feet. I don't really see him attempt to move his feet. I see him raise his arms up, then tomahawk them down. If not flagrant foul then I would say intentional. No attempt to really go for the ball. From my understanding, the film wasn't really intended to show how dirty the Connell kids played, rather the lack of control the officiating crew had. I guess the SCAC league officials have been somewhat crappy the last couple of years.

digg311 01-09-2012 9:03 PM

Nah... the first three weren't even close to flagrant. They were just a big, uncoordinated kid who can't jump and can't control his body. He was going for the ball, but just had no chance of actually getting to it. The 4th was flagrant... it was an intentional push. The 5th, well... you gotta call that a flagrant. If for no other reason than to punish the big guy for being lazy. It's one thing to try and reach or jump for the ball but to fail and put another player at risk for injury... it's another thing entirely to know a kid is about to beat you, and lazily grab his shooting arm as he goes by. Talk about dangerous.
There's nothing there to suggest to me that the kid deserves to be hated though.

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