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DesertWake 01-04-2012 2:34 PM

Double S-Bend On Cable

TheHebrewHammer 01-04-2012 4:10 PM

Wow, awesome angles.

wakelab 01-04-2012 9:14 PM

Yeah, thats actually a SWITCH dbl S-bend on open (2 twr) cable by John Van Malsen, a pro kiter outta Long Beach.

captain_vilfo 01-04-2012 9:52 PM

2nd the awesome angles comment. I loves the one of the s-bend from the helmet. Gives me an eye view of a trick that Ill likely never have the balls to do lol

DesertWake 01-06-2012 5:01 PM

It was cool getting the RC Helicopter out to capture a few different perspectives not often seen..................

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