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bendow 01-02-2012 7:25 PM

Got a new bike!!!!
2008 KTM 690 SMC with 2400mi. $4700 in mods, paid $6k
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Yg6Cw9P9VYM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

colorider 01-02-2012 11:45 PM


jeff_mn 01-03-2012 8:15 AM

I'm so hoping this is a troll and this isn't actually you..

fish6942 01-03-2012 8:19 AM

What a freaking moron.

jarrod 01-03-2012 10:57 AM

That was sick! But I'm scared for you. If your front wheel is in the air when something unexpected happens, it's going to be ugly. With that said, that looked like a **** load of fun!

brycejb328 01-03-2012 6:55 PM

As much as I would love to call that dangerous... I'd feel like a hypocrit. Ughh... I want a supermoto bike sooo bad

bendow 01-03-2012 8:39 PM

Thanks Jarrod. I absolutely love this bike! It was the first day out on it...so just couldn't help but have fun. You ride sport bikes on the tracks right? Have you ever seen any KTM 690's out there? I'm wondering if they can keep up with the sportbikes....provided riders are equally experienced of course.

Bryce, do it!

sinkoumn 01-03-2012 8:50 PM

Awesome bike, LOVE me some SUMO'S

guido 01-04-2012 11:30 AM

Hahaha... Awesome. Some days you just can't help but turn the throttle.

Be safe out there, man.

You could track that thing, but don't expect to be competitive with the fast guys. The bike's just not capable. Yeah, they can corner, but they run out of steam way earlier than even a 600. If you find a small track you may do all right. Anywhere with long straights and you'll get eaten alive. Heck, where we usually ride there are multiple 100+ mph corners. Just not really Su-Mo friendly. You'd be pinned before you hit the straights.

jarrod 01-04-2012 12:39 PM

Yup, what Evan said. On a tight track you might do okay. At my favorite track, Thunderhill, you're doing most of your riding between 80 and 120+ mph, with straights up to 140-160.

I don't know, though. The fastest rider that I know will smoke anyone on a 2 stroke, 37 HP race bike. He still gets up over a hundred MPH though.

Some of those wheelies looked pretty fast. Will that thing pull the front wheel up over 50mph? Damn that looks like fun.

jeff_mn 01-04-2012 1:06 PM

stand up wheelies in traffic.. awesome

bendow 01-05-2012 1:59 PM

Yeah....I figured it would have trouble keeping up on the straight aways. It's just so much faster than my DRZ, I thought it may have a shot of being competive with sportbikes on the stretches....

Evan, I'm not even slightly exaggerating, it'll pull up wheelies at 70mph with only a light tug on the bars. It does, however, have a full Akrapovic exhaust, power commander, re-mapped, dyno tuned, etc.

jarrod 01-05-2012 2:04 PM

Nice! I think I could dig once of those. Hmmmmmmm

guido 01-06-2012 11:21 AM

I could see myself getting into a ton of trouble on one of those. Hahahaha!

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