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tjrider 12-29-2011 5:06 PM

Kansas City lakes
My wife and I are looking into a possible move to the Kansas City area. We are avid boaters/wakeboarders and are looking for the best water conditions on the area's several lakes.

Does anyone have specific info or opinions on the lakes near KC, especially Smithville, Raintree, and Winnebago?

In my research I'm seeing that lots of the lakes require private membership by the property owners and many have horsepower or MPH limits that would not allow for skiing/wakeboarding.

Any help is appreciated!

816 12-29-2011 8:45 PM

Smithville is usually very windy same with Longview Lake, Smithville you have to watch your depth real close til you figure out where all the shallow spots are. Blue Springs lake is where we go it has a lot of cover to block a lot of the wind, a yearly pass runs around $280 depending on your horsepower, you can also get slips there (around a 2 year wait).

Mikhale 12-30-2011 9:06 AM

I have rode at blue springs and it's realy good but we drive about an hour up to Truman lake and it's the bomb barely any boater and lots of places protected from the wind but you have to stay away from the trees it's the lake that feeds into lake of the ozarks and it's larger than lake of the ozarks

816 12-30-2011 9:50 AM

We like table rock nice clean water and not very busy, but with kids and their sports every weekend we stay around the house and Blue Springs lake is about 15min. away.

dyost 01-01-2012 6:58 PM

I'm in the process of moving back to the Kansas city area as well. If you wind up on the west side, Clinton lake and perry lake a both pretty good. The problem in kansas is always the wind, not so much on fighting boat traffic. If you find yourself on the south side, Hillsdale lake is a good option, and is practically across the highway from the cable, KC watersports.

Best of luck in your move, if you do in fact wind up out that way. You can pm me if you have any other questions. I don't have a boat, but have a pretty tight riding buddy with a tige 20v, slammed to the hilt. Also suggest you hit the cable first of april for fools fest, there will be a ton of local/regional riders around for that event.

CdawsonKcWake 02-27-2012 11:45 AM

I live in Raintree and love it. During the week it's wide open and there is no wake enhancing restrictions like Lake Winnebego.

kstateskier 02-27-2012 9:22 PM

Pomona IMO is way better than Hillsdale or Perry in Kansas.

jhartt3 03-02-2012 5:12 PM

Raintree is where i live as well its a great place to ride and as Chris said its not very crowded. You have to live in the community. And the restrictions are 21' or smaller boat and 35 mph which both allow you to wakeboard just fine. Its cheaper cost of living than Winnebago, we arent a private city like they are just a private community in Lees Summit. The trade off is no private docks/slips like Winnebago. All slipss are community owned and you need to get on a waiting list to get one. That being said its currently very cheap for a slip each year and there are many you can sub lease from the current lease holder. I would say half the slips are empty give or take on any given year. I just bought my first boat a Hydrodyne Grandsport. I have a buddy who lives here with a Mastercraft Xstar. Really looking forward to my first summer of boat ownership i plan to be out 3-5 days a week.

bbenj10 07-12-2016 7:21 AM

Sorry for way old thread revival, but I just moved from the DC area to Kansas City (downtown) and I am looking for good lakes to check out. No boat yet but used to go riding every weekend with my family's X-25 back in Virginia. My wife and I are looking to buy a boat here soon and probably just keep it in dry storage when not in use.

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