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Brendon444 12-26-2011 8:42 PM

Removing seat base, Sanger v215
Very simple question. What hold the fiberglass seat base to the floor in a 2006 sanger v215. I see a few screws into the carpet but there must be something more than that to make it solid.
Looking to remove to gain better access underdash to do some work. Seen many guys remove.
Thanks for the help and sorry for the simple question

Brendon444 12-26-2011 8:48 PM

http://www.wakeworld.com/forum/showt...=sanger+stereo link showing pics of removed (same boat)

rallyart 12-26-2011 9:51 PM

Just the screws. I took mine out and put it back in a couple years ago. My boat is stored a long from here so I can't look at it to give you more details.
The whole interior can be removed fairly easily. You just have to pay attention to the order you need to take things apart, and make sure you get all the screws.
When you reassemble you might want to put a little silicone on the screws to seal them for water when they go back in. (not much)

Brendon444 12-27-2011 3:47 AM

Alright thank you. I didnt see anything more holding it down just thought there must be more to hold the seat down (bolts etc). But yes I really like the silicone idea thank you.

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