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onecrazyredhead 12-26-2011 7:25 PM

southern maryland riders!!
looking for some southern maryland riders!

baltfrog 02-04-2012 6:53 PM

I'm up in Baltimore and ride in Pasadena. Not exactly southern md unfortunately, but if you've got a nicer boat then me I'd happily throw you some gas money and make the trip. Currently riding behind a beat up old i/o with a tower and a motor that works sometimes. Always looking for new people to ride with, me and the lady have a hard time finding a third sometimes, because we don't know anyone who wakeboards. Usually we end up trying to teach our friends, some come out again others are too embarassed.

onecrazyredhead 02-06-2012 12:51 AM

My boat is not the best lookin it a 1985 supra marauder with a tower but i am redoing the seats and the engine is getting preped for this spring. So my boat will be running great also got a new 13x13 prop 4 blade. They are also building a wake park in north carolina which i will be taking trips down to so if your down for going down towards their i will post it. What skills u at? The park is called hexagon wake park on facebook look it up seems like its going to be pretty good with 2 sides with 6 towers each.

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