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talltigeguy 12-24-2011 3:19 PM

Whatevery happened to the Christmas giveaway thread? And Merry Christmas!
A few years ago WW used to have a thread during the holidays where guys would post old equipment for free or just cost of shipping and a subsequent poster could then make dibs on it as soon as they saw it. I thought it was a pretty cool way to spread a little Christmas cheer and it was a good way for folks to get some equipment, especially those on a tighter budget than those who have 2K in amplifiers alone. Sometimes even the vendors would get in the mix and throw stuff out there too. IIRC, the only rule was that it had to be free or shipping cost only.

I have a few small items that need a new home.

And I hope that all wakeworlders have a Merry Christmas!

wakerider111 12-25-2011 11:06 PM

Some people would abuse it. classic case of just one or two rotten eggs spoiling the whole batch.
Really though all it takes is someone to start it.
there is no reall offical person or rules to starting it.... other than a discussion thread title that says what its all about. usually posted in the wakeboarding section

BUT with that said. genearlly:
* everyone makes their own rules for their post and items to give away. (ie. pay shipping or not. reciever must have active account on wakeworld for X amount of months/years, etc)
* No one pisses and moans about missing something, or about what is being offered.
* by accepting/recieving an item you give your word that you have need of it and will not be selling it or otherwise using it to get gain.
* anyone who accepts/recieves an item should do their best to offer up something as well. does NOT have to be equal in value.

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