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lavinder 12-23-2011 8:54 AM

Wiring Tower Speakers - Supra
I am going to be wiring some tower speakers into a 2007 Supra 22SSV with a Rad-a-Cage tower.
Question for those who have done it before. Does the front crossbar open into the legs, or is it closed off? I see speakers mounted and wired on the front and back crossbar, but I don't know if any extraordinary efforts had to be done to wire it to the front.
Any help is appreciated.

on_board_wakeboarding 12-23-2011 4:21 PM

Jeff de front bar has an open connection to the front legs. Drill 2 holes in de front crossbar(wrap some tape over the bar to drill a clean hole) at the bottom of the bar so no water can get in the tower.

jonyb 12-23-2011 7:29 PM

I concur

lavinder 12-26-2011 10:55 AM

Thanks for the information.

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