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tings00 12-21-2011 6:56 PM

iphone help (itunes synch)
so i made a thread a few days ago about my computer crashing. I was able to get my data off my computer, reinstall my os and get everything back on there.

I am now having another problem. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to get my iphone synched to my itunes. I have all my music back in itunes but when i start the synch process it acts like its my first time using it and wants to erase everything from my phone and then start over putting items back on. My biggest concern is getting my playlists organized correctly without starting over, any ideas???? I wish i could do the initial synch from my phone to itunes and then from there do it the normal way.

I have an iphone 4s and am using windows 7 with itunes10

jtnz 01-16-2012 3:10 PM

When my itunes broke because it got out of step with the quicktime version (itunes was a later version than quicktime, and it wouldn't run, crashed immediately after starting it every time) I had to reinstall it. Nothing was synching by default so I had to go through all the sync settings again to put them back to how they were on the previous install. When I first synched itunes removed everything from my phone which sounds like what you're experiencing. After I reset all the synch options all my apps and music were copied back to the phone (including some I had deleted from the phone earlier, but had synched with itunes previously)

I think I also had to deauthorise my itunes account and then authorise it again for the new itunes instance. Might be worth doing that too.

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