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Shooter 12-21-2011 8:26 AM

Bomb Patrol Afghanistan
If you have lost hope in television because the Kardashians, Jersey Shore and real housewives make you want to puke, you need to check out Bomb Patrol Afghanistan. These guys earn their paycheck every week.

This is not one of those shows that is 90% filler. Last night's episode, they were in a firefight and one of the armored vehicle was blown up by a IED. Another episode, they lost 8 armored vehicles trying to clear a mile stretch of road. It looks like the show is all done with Go-Pro type cameras.

It's on Tue nights on G4. Next week's episode is the last of the season, but they always play re-runs.

Chuch 12-21-2011 8:39 AM

Yeah, I've watched quite a few episodes as well man. Good stuff and will open your eyes to the BS those dudes put up with. It would be hard not to want to frag all those little bastards cruising around on mopeds and stuff while they are trying to do work. Not knowing who ANYONE is on the ground has got to be insanely frustrating.

norcalrider 12-21-2011 11:55 AM

That show is intense. I get nervous as hell for those guys.

psudy 12-21-2011 12:58 PM

The show pisses me off. Last week they could clearly see a look out sitting on the side of a hill and couldn't do a thing about it. The rules of engagement are all screwed up. Our military is not a police force. If thats all they are going to allow them to do over there, then bring them home.

guido 12-22-2011 10:24 AM

Agreed... Those guys are true badasses.

Hard to even put yourself in their shoes. Amazing what they do for our country. Hopefully people respect these guys putting their lives on the line for a questionable cause.

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