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jdjjamesz 12-19-2011 4:41 PM

new vid

tmill 12-19-2011 6:33 PM


Originally Posted by jdjjamesz (Post 1722283)

sick.... just like all of your videos!!!

jdjjamesz 12-19-2011 11:19 PM

thanks buddy..

alexair 12-20-2011 4:19 AM

pleasure to watch - sick!

tuneman 12-20-2011 6:32 AM

Sweet!! So, when you gonna land that superman. We're all counting on you. :D

asdfgboy 12-20-2011 8:53 AM

So sweet! Love in the seine:) I remember:)

jdjjamesz 12-20-2011 4:45 PM

if you see in the video ,any day ,broke a board that day ,and I had it ..was bummed .still trying...

jdjjamesz 12-20-2011 4:45 PM

thanks everyone...have a great christmas..

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