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grant_west 12-17-2011 8:30 AM

Helli hoggin!
Blasting hog's from a chopper
How many of you would pay big money to do this?

Shooter 12-17-2011 12:41 PM


This is a better video of the same thing. I would bet the guy in this video is military special ops because he makes it look easy. There are a lot of factor with shooting from a heli and it's not a easy task

wakeboardingdad 12-17-2011 3:32 PM

It's like a Zombie with four legs. :D

grant_west 12-17-2011 4:07 PM

I think if they did this sort of thing at the US/ Mexico boarder we wouldn't have a Illegal immigration problem.

12-17-2011 7:16 PM

I've seen this video many times. First off the shooter is one helluva shot. Feral hogs down here in TX are a huge problem. They will destroy a patch of land in no time and breed like crazy. These guys are farmers and hogs will destroy some crops. A buddy of mine is a bow hunter and they hunt pigs almost every weekend - he told me arrows bounce right off their heads so you gotta shoot for the shoulder or the hindquarter to disable them or they'll keep running and you'll never find 'em. Another guy I know from Louisiana hunts with dogs & pistols. Not my thing personally but it does look fun.

jason_ssr 12-19-2011 1:51 PM

Ill be hog hunting next week! Cant wait.

brett33 12-20-2011 6:52 AM

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Originally Posted by bigdtx (Post 1722008)
A buddy of mine is a bow hunter and they hunt pigs almost every weekend - he told me arrows bounce right off their heads so you gotta shoot for the shoulder or the hindquarter to disable them or they'll keep running and you'll never find 'em.

Im an avid bowhunter in Texas that grew up handing out "dirtnaps" to hogs. The object is to get a full pass through with the arrow into the vitals area. Sure, with a gun you can blast through bone (i.e headshot, shoulder) but not with a stick and a string. You just don't have the punch with a bow to hurt those big pigs if you hit bone. Precision placement is what bowhunting is about and thats what makes harvesting an animal with a bow so much more of an accomplishment. This is a pig my little brother killed last weekend out at our place. 1 arrow, ran 30 yards and piled up. Weighed 273 lbs

pierce_bronkite 12-21-2011 2:10 PM

Thats pretty sweet. Too bad most places in Texas dont have huge open fields like that where you can shoot them down.

Coyotes are going to be feasting for a while at that ranch.

polarbill 12-21-2011 3:48 PM

That is crazy. I remember reading the first(maybe the only) season of Gear Magazine(playboys attempt at Maxim) that they had an article about people payin gto come out and hunt 1000 pound wild pigs in eastern washignton. The place they went was about 30 miles from where I went to college. Are these the same type of pigs? How big do these get?

Brett, That one you got there looks friggen huge. Out of curiosity what type of bow do you use? My girlfriends father is part owner of Strother Archery out of Michigan. I am heading there for Christmas to meet her family and hopefully get to shoot some of their bows. I have never really shot a bow or hunted for that matter. Hopefully they don't ask me to get on a treadmill like Ice T in Surviving the Game. I might end up like that pig.

12-21-2011 4:00 PM

Check out Flintknapper's thread on The High Road!

Forty pages of hog hunting and killing...

When bow hunting what kind of side arm do you pack? I have a Ruger .44 Magnum Alaskan on me when hunting elk. I imagine something big would be necessary when hunting hogs...

12-22-2011 10:29 AM

"Surviving the Game" - LOL - there's a classic - just watched that one again a few months ago.

brett33 12-29-2011 6:49 AM

Brett- I shoot the 2010 Mathews Z7 (31 inch draw length and 68lbs draw weight). I love it. I've shot a lot of different bows in the past and this one just has the smoothest draw cycle to me.

Sam- I no doubt would be carrying the same .44 mag if I was in Alaska, but really in Texas there is nothing that scary out in the woods (maybe a mountain lion here or there, but certainly no bears). I carry a Springfield XDM .40 on me when I'm out in the field with my bow and it has never let me down. Only one close call, I shot a little piglet out of a pack and when I walked up on it.. out of the woods came charging it's mother. Obviously trying to protect her baby, she was pissed! Luckily she stopped next to the baby and i was able to get a few shots off and scare her back into the woods. Although, I'm fairly certain it didn't kill her, it got the job done and kept me safe. Talk about getting freaked out at 8 in the morning.. that'll wake you up!

wazzy 12-29-2011 9:58 AM

Was just in FL last week & saw a sign for Hog Hunting. If I would have known it was like this.....DANG!!!

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