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t0nyv831 12-15-2011 9:55 PM

Wrapped 3s
So, I was reminded the other day that I've been trying these forever now and haven't got them down yet. I land a few here and there, but always seem to over rotate or land out of control. :confused: I'm comfortable with spinning and all, it's just the landing that gets me every time.. :D ha,ha.. Let me know what you all think. Any hints / tips are appreciated. Thanks.


Here's one I stomp, but still the landing was a bit sketchy.


Here's what usually happens when I try them...


irishrider92 01-22-2012 5:58 AM

When you're spinning, your head should be up and you should be watching the horizon the whole way round. If you aren't, fix it. If you are/ once you get it fixed, use your experience and awareness to know when you're facing the shore directly behind the boat. Pick a point, on the shore, and keep watching it, even when you land. Your head will keep the rest of your body from over-rotating.

Also, something I learned recently and wished I had know for years is the importance and impact of pinning your shoulder's back. It feels kinda awkward at first and riding like it will tire you out a bit more, initially. But once your upper back gets stronger, and you ride consistently like that, it should improve your riding greatly. I couldn't land backside 3's for ages and then one coach told me to do that and now they're consistent!

gnarslayer 01-22-2012 8:07 AM

just keep that wrap handle locked in till after you leave the wake

ilikebeaverandboats 01-22-2012 9:02 AM

Be careful with those wrapped spins. I really hurt myself a few years back, haven't wake boarded since, still have back pain.

JoLo_Si 01-25-2012 8:40 AM

irishrider92, Are you saying to try and ride all the time while trying to touch your sholder blades behind you? Even while cutting in? I've never heard or read that anywhere but always looking for the next tip to put me in the right body position.
I often find the more awkward I feel (at first of course) the better I ride, alot like my golf swing.

irishrider92 01-26-2012 2:59 PM

Yeah that's what I meant. Felt awkward at first and I couldn't hold it for too long but it'll just become natural after a while. It's like the change from the bent-over-at-the-waist, straight arm riding beginners usually do, to stood up, chest up riding most people do.

t0nyv831 02-01-2012 2:12 PM

Thanks for all the tips fellas. It's been a while since I checked this thread and a couple weeks since I've ridden.
@irish- I see what you mean about keeping my head up. I have a tendency to look down at my board in order to spot my landing. Even when my back is toward the boat you can see from the video that I'm looking down and leaning away from the boat. As for the "pinning the shoulders back" tip, it makes complete sense. On some of my videos I'm still breaking at my waist with my arms fully extended. This is on a regular HS W2W. Not so much a problem when I come in wrapped because I'm forced to really lean against the line.

@beaver- So far I've been lucky. The falls on the wrapped 3 have not been bad at all (knock on wood) and god knows I've had plenty. I think during one seshion I must have had around 15. My shoulder hurt for weeks after that, but that was about it. What I try to do now is concentrate more on my pop rather than edging completely through the wake. I'm stomping about 2-3 out of 5 attempts.

If anyone one out there is thinking about trying them, and you have a decent HS w2w, I'd say go for it. Slow the boat down and try a few outside in one wake to get the feel for the spin. I prefer spinning FS although I was told BS is more natural. I've tried BS and it did not end well. lol.. The fall was not bad, it just felt real awkward. Anyway, thanks for the tips. It's still a work in progress but hopefully I'll have it dialed by summer along with a sick indie / tail grab. Peace!.


k9fxr 03-06-2012 9:03 PM

I had forgotten the "shoulders back thought", Gerry Nunn told me that and got me to land a HS3, I've continued to have trouble with them,
Now I am psyched to get back and try it

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