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Shooter 12-14-2011 8:49 PM

Really GOP?
So let me get this straight, Mitt Romney & Newt Gingrich are the best the GOP has? We are still a year away from the presidential election and I can already tell its going to be ugly. Even as bad as Obama is, I'm not sure which idiot is the worst.

I know they say it's not possible, but let's hope Ron Paul wins the republican primary.

norcalrider 12-14-2011 10:39 PM


Originally Posted by Shooter (Post 1721625)
...but let's hope Ron Paul wins the republican primary.


no_tools 12-14-2011 11:40 PM

lets face it. our prez has power but who does he owe for that power? our system is screwed. something very bad has to happen for our country to change. dems or re-pubs. same people. i also like ron paul but dont like his foreign policy. im sure he doesnt have the pull to make much of a change.

no_tools 12-14-2011 11:41 PM

one can only hope though.

jason_ssr 12-15-2011 6:33 AM

Lets say you are job hunting. You are a very bright individual whose talent and charisma are only surpassed by your intelect in regards to relating to people, finances, and diplomacy. You would make the ultimate leader at any level. Why in the world would you waste that talent for $400k a year? What does $400k get you in the real world? A guy who runs a successful used car lot... A guy that runs a good machine shop.... Maybe a high level MLM scammer...

What does your average Fortune 500 company offer for top CEO talent? Shouldnt that figure pail in comparison to running the #1 WORLD SUPERPOWER!

The presidency is a job. How can you offer middle management compensation and expect CEO talent?

pesos 12-15-2011 8:40 AM

No pres ever wants for money after leaving office. The salary isn't a big deal. The stress probably is...

ttrigo 12-15-2011 8:47 AM

People dont run for pres for the money, at least not up front anyways. Imagine the ego boost you would get by running the most powerful nation on earth!
Plus, after your term is up, the speaking fee's go waaaay, waaaaay up.

jason_ssr 12-15-2011 9:10 AM

No, most had some money before office. I cant think of any that "earned" $100mm+ (though there were some who prob had access to it, like JFK). Heck today we fire CEOs and their severance is over $100mm. Im just saying that it is a hard job and it doesnt have the package to attract our top talent.


People dont run for pres for the money
Thats both good and bad. Sure ideally our brightest people would simply run for the office strictly out of service to our great nation. However, when you strip away the romance, it is a job. Im not sure we want people in there who dont care about their compensation who are just looking for the ego boost or notoriaty. I guess I would rather see someone in there hustling to get the will of the people put into motion and have some kind of monetary motivation. There is a reason companies pay for top quality leadership.

fly135 12-15-2011 9:19 AM

CEO's wouldn't be getting that kind of money if the govt didn't give tax breaks for giving your money to wall street. And you can include defined benefit pension plans in that as well. It's corp welfare in the form of tax policy and a free wheeling fed reserve that creates this kind of obcene income, not actual talent in a true free market.

Shooter 12-15-2011 9:44 AM


Originally Posted by jason_ssr (Post 1721663)
There is a reason companies pay for top quality leadership.

I see what you are getting at and agree that the system is broken, but disagree with why.

Few high paid CEO are worth the 100+ million they receive. Many CEOs bankrupt businesses and walk away rich. Running government like a business sounds good on the surface, but they are two different monsters. The checks and balances in government make it impossible to lead this country like a CEO. This is needed to protect us from the poor leaders since the stakes are so much higher.

There are many outstanding high ranking leaders in our military that barely make a middle-class paycheck. They are true leaders that deal in life not dollar signs. Our forefathers like Washington left their farms to lead this country only to return after. Politics was a service to the American people, not a way to become wealthy.

The problem is modern media, the cost of a campaign, the party system (republicans & Democrats) and special interest. It is no longer possible get elected unless you are bought and paid for. Agree or disagree with Ron Paul's policy, this is the main reason why he doesn't stand a chance.

jason_ssr 12-15-2011 9:48 AM

Im not really debating the "why", just showcasing the occupation landscape for those of that skillset. Those who truly have the capability are taking their talents to places with greater compensation offerings.

psudy 12-15-2011 11:23 AM

"CEO's wouldn't be getting that kind of money if the govt didn't give tax breaks for giving your money to wall street. And you can include defined benefit pension plans in that as well"

Thats pretty simplistic. They get paid in many different ways.

fly135 12-15-2011 11:43 AM


Originally Posted by psudy (Post 1721681)
Thats pretty simplistic. They get paid in many different ways.

That's even more simplistic.:)

psudy 12-15-2011 1:09 PM

Why muddy the water.

Shooter 12-16-2011 12:06 AM

Anyone watch the debate? I feel Gingrich & Romney did not look good, but maybe I'm bias...Paul had some very good points, but his foreign policy maybe too radical...I think Huntsman sounded good.

wake77 12-16-2011 4:44 AM

Gingrich is too full of himself. I think he carries too much baggage to be a viable candidate. Huntsman is about the only one that seems more interested in helping the country as opposed to be in a pissing contest like Gingrich, Perry, and Romney. I just don't see the GOP winning the White House this time. They could have put forward a strong candidate and more than likely, would have run away with the White House.

12-16-2011 1:13 PM

Three cheers for the lightbulb!!

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