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magicr 12-14-2011 12:40 PM

Email spam
This question is for all you computer Guru's. I received 185 junk emails from a disgruntled nephew, which froze up my computer. When I called him on it, he said it was an honest mistake, and that his wife had hit the wrong button. I tried to send them back, but he has me blocked.

Could this be an accidental occurrence or is there more to it? They have an Apple computer, which I'm not familiar with. Thanks.

norcalmalibu 12-14-2011 2:39 PM

What type of email service are you using? There are definitley email programs which are designed to bring down your email inbox. They are more of an annonance to youself and possibly exchange admin. There is no way 185 emails came from just one click or an accident. Id block his email account at this point and move on or pay him a visit =)

magicr 12-14-2011 5:03 PM

I'm using Windows Live email. Another nephew said it could have something to do with "The Cloud" program, I'm totally in the dark, but really pi$$ed off, and want to make sure I eliminate any chance of it being an accident before I decide how I'm going to deal with this. Thanks.

norcalmalibu 12-15-2011 9:08 AM

Well I'm no exchange admin but its the industry i'm involved with. A cloud/ hosting site has little to do with how emails are sent.

A cloud / hosting site is often used for data retention. With the use of gmail and other various cloud providers now offering a SAS model its becoming more common to see a hosting provider offer email services as well. The fact of the matter remains that it looks, acts, feels the same as if you had an exchange server in house.

What would it take for you to send 185 emails? You would have to highlight your emails and send them as a batch file. It might work or it might not. At this point you do not have any hard proof that it was a program. If it happens again then you know it was not a mistake.

If you want to be sure it never happens again block his email.

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