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guma 12-12-2011 2:18 AM

Custom Soulcraft Build Pics
I wanted to try my hand at a custom board. After reading some rave reviews I contacted Jeff at SoulCraft. After trading a few emails back and forth, which included a YouTube video of me riding, he gave me what he thought would be the best board for me, my style, and where I wanted to progress.

Jeff is building me a Jetty 5'0" board. He is adding a tad more rocker for me as I have a tendency to purl the nose of the board. Blah blah blah, here are the first set of pics he sent me yesterday.







h20king 12-12-2011 4:32 AM

Sweet I have a jetty and love it.Worth every penny.Jeff is a great guy who stands behind his work and on top of that he is a blast to work with.................................H

guma 12-12-2011 10:44 PM

Couldn't agree with you more h20... I contacted Jeff via email a few weeks back, and he was fast to respond and offered plenty of advice on which direction we would take the build. After a handful of emails over a few days we had everything nailed down and now the waiting game .... :)

h20king 12-13-2011 4:39 AM

are you adding any extra custom features??I'm sure you will find all the pics Jeff sends helps with the waiting the big wait will be to ride it in the spring

sd_wakesports 12-13-2011 6:59 AM

Great looking board and Jeff @ SC is great to work with.I have one of his boards (Jetty) and all I can say is there Bad A**!
Enjoy the Soul Craft wakesurfer and the Hydro-Turf Traction.

tonyv420 12-13-2011 10:52 AM

Jeff is great!! can't wait till he gets to build me a board!!

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