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Bam6961 12-07-2011 11:56 PM

Anyone need a third or more in Norcal?
Looking for a pull any where from lake berryessa to orwood possibly even disco bay.
open sundays, saturdays, sometimes the weekday just depends on the day.
based out of vacaville.

hillbilly 12-09-2011 8:55 AM

I live in Woodland and might hit up Berryassa over the winter. I will keep you in the loop.....Always harder to get a crew in the winter....lol

Bam6961 12-09-2011 3:40 PM

Thanks jeff! Just call or text..

Bam6961 12-20-2011 3:34 PM

Bump... my schedule has changed so now i can pretty much ride any day/time and also down to ride in sacromento.

Bam6961 04-19-2012 3:44 PM

Bump... Looking for a pull friday, saturday, sunday. anywhere from folsom, disco, berryessa.

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